Holger Schmidt

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Holger Schmidt


Beruflicher Werdegang


1980-1986: TH Braunschweig Maschinebau 

1986-1987: Thermodynamiker bei GEA Ahlborn (Hersteller Plattenwärmetauscher)

1987-1992: TU Darmstadt wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Promotion

1992 -bis jetzt: Siemens / Framatome Thermohydraulik Labore -

aktuelle Position

Worldwide manager Thermal-Hydraulics and Components Testing / head of test and inspection body according ISO17025 & 17020.


Multiphase Flow in Power and Process Industries - Focus Gas / Liquid




Multiphase flow:

  • Boling
  • Flow stability
  • Mixing/distribution
  • Modelling
  • Advanced measurement techniques

Design, manufacturing & construction in power industries

Testing and qualification 

Laboratory operation of Framatome thermo-hydraulic platform in Erlangen, Karlstein and Le Creusot (France)



Multi Phase Flow in Power and Process Engineering  Focus Gas/Liquid


Weitere Informationen

The focus of my work as head of test- and inspection body is on satisfying our customers’ needs, who are mainly coming from the power- process or nuclear industries and who have issues with respect:

  • to understand or optimize their complex systems, which can’t be analyzed with complex numerical codes or
  • to validate codes to model their systems or components or
  • to run qualification tests to demonstrate a proper functioning of their components or systems or
  • to develop a data base for the development of correlations for their modelling or plant optimization or
  • to design and/or manufacture prototypic facilities or test set-ups at their sites or
  • to analyze their installed systems or components based on onsite measured data

To ensure high quality standards but also the a very reliable level of confidentiality, we have introduced appropriated processes, which are under regular review of our accreditation body, which leads to our accreditation according to ISO 17020 as inspection body and ISO 17025 as test body.  This enables us to provide testing services, which are due to their operation range worldwide unique and which is summarized below:

Measurements                Range

Temperature                  0°C - 1000°C

Pressure                       10 Pa - 40 MPa

Volume flow rate            0,1 l/h - 1.500 m³/h

Mass flow rate               0,1 kg/h - 4.000 kg/s

Force                            1 N - 10.000 kN

Momentum                    up to 50.000 Nm

Current                         1 mA - 85.000 A

Voltage                         1 mV - 4 kV

Electrical power             up to 20 MW


We are located at sites in Erlangen (Germany), Karlstein (Germany) and Le Creusot (France), with:

  • a team of more than 100 highly qualified engineers and technician,
  • more than 40 years of experiences ,
  • more than 3000 m² area,
  • crane capacities of more than 100 t,
  • pressure vessel manufacturing workshops and
  • advanced measurement and data acquisition techniques.

to be able to ensure the most appropriated testing services for each task.

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