Helen Rogers

Dienstags 11:30-13:00

Helen Rogers

Prof. Dr.

Ämter, Funktionen

Head of Bachelor International Business / Studiengangsleiterin Bachelorstudiengang International Business

Research Professor - Business Models for Emerging Technologies

Coordinator for the following partner institutions (NL):

  • Amsterdam University of Applied Science
  • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Applied International Research Project
  • Future Trends in International Business
  • Scientific Methods and Research
  • Strategic Management in a Global Context
  • The impact of additive manufacturing technologies /3D printing on global supply chains
  • Adoption challenges and business models for 3D printing
  • Managing supply chain risks and approaches to increase resilience
  • Current and future business models for 3D food printing in Europe
  • How sustainable are alternative protein supply chains?
  • Emerging business models for food tech (esp. mycelium and insects)

Examples of completed dissertations:

  • Emerging business models for 3D food printing technologies: A European perspective
  • An analysis of on-demand 3DP services in Europe
  • Opportunities and risks of 3DP technology in the sporting goods industry
  • Analysing business models in the alternative meat market for a more sustainable future
  • Value drivers for the plant-based milk market using the examples of Oatly and Alpro
  • 3D printed houses: an alternative for the construction industry
  • Smart Packaging : A value proposition and business impact analysis



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Vorlaufforschung Projekt ZWTT: 3DFP - Digital (3D) Food Printing in Europe: Emerging Business Models and Supply Chain Aspects

Staedtler Stiftung Projekt 2017/18: Eine Untersuchung der Auswirkungen von 3D-Drucktechnologien auf globale Lieferketten: Chancen und Risiken