Guest Lecture of Dr. Nomtha Hadi from the Business School of the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa

On 2021 November 29th an incredibly enriching and insights-providing international collaboration took place under the main organization of Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Wellner and guest lecturer Dr. Nomtha Hadi.

The lecture included participants with highly diverse backgrounds - from exchange students from Karl de Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen to business TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm students. The lecturer Dr. Hadi provided an interesting discussion on the strategic choices of global businesses when it comes to foreign market entries and detailed analysis of the BRICS countries, starting from the adoptions of the SDGs from the different countries to important key performance indicators, such as GDP. The connection of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how the BRICS countries are performing according to them provided the students with a great perspective, including current topics, such as climate change.