Applying via Nuremberg Tech’s StudyOhm portal

If you are applying for any of the following, your application will take place exclusively via the StudyOhm portal: 

  • a master’s degree programme,
  • a bachelor’s degree programme with open admissions,
  • a bachelor’s degree programme with a preliminary test, or
  • a higher semester on a restricted NC bachelor’s degree programme or a bachelor’s degree programme with open admissions.

There is a different application process for NC degree programmes (first semester). However, this does not apply for the summer semester, since there are no degree programmes of this type during this application period.

Register in the StudyOhm portal. In order to do this, you will need a valid email address to which all future information concerning your application will be sent. Then activate your personal account using the login details that you have received via email. Please only open one account – you can use this single registration to apply for all degree programmes within the deadlines.

If you are already enrolled at Nuremberg Tech, you do not need to register. You should use your TH login (VirtuOhm login).

You can now apply for your desired degree programmes on StudyOhm, provided the relevant application periods have already begun. In order to do so, you must first log into StudyOhm (top right-hand side of the page) using the login details that you received when you registered.

As part of the application process, you must enter your university entrance qualification (HZB). Information regarding the various types of university entrance qualification can be found under admission requirements.

The degree programme-specific admission requirements can be found on the relevant page concerning the degree programme.

Please always pay attention to the up-to-date information provided in StudyOhm, as well as the notices from the university, which can also be found there.

When applying for (almost any) master’s degree programme, you will be required to upload documents to StudyOhm. Please ensure that you have the following documents in digital format (e.g. as a PDF or GIF file) for your application:

  • A CV presented in chronological order and without any gaps in tabular form
  • A final official transcript for the university degree programme that has already been completed or, if you have not yet completed your degree programme, an overview (transcript) of the coursework that you have already completed at a university in the form of a confirmation of modules/subjects taken and grades achieved, drawn up and signed by the appropriate university administration.
  • Additional documents, should these be required for certain degree programmes (evidence of professional experience, cover letter, etc.)

Documents must also be uploaded if you are applying to begin a bachelor’s degree programme in a higher semester. These include:

  • A CV presented in chronological order and without any gaps in tabular form

  • University entrance qualification:
    Depending on which university entrance qualification you are applying with, you will need to send us the final official transcript for the general university entrance qualification or the university of applied sciences entrance qualification or the master’s examination or the professional development examination (e.g. business administrator certificate) or the completed apprenticeship, together with the final official transcript from the vocational college and evidence of the three years spent in full-time employment.

    In the case of foreign university entrance qualifications: Foreign university entrance qualification certificates and notification of the recognition of such certificates by Nuremberg Tech or the office for the recognition of certificates and diplomas in Munich. Further information for prospective international students

  • Requests for the recognition of work completed previously

  • Descriptions of the modules from the previous course that are to be recognized.

  • Additional documents, should these be required for certain degree programmes (e.g. pre-study internship, evidence of linguistic proficiency, cover letter, etc.)

For the Design degree programme, you must submit a portfolio. Please take note of the information provided on the page concerning the Design degree programme.

Following the completion of the application process, you will find either an admission letter (i.e. an offer of a study place) or a rejection letter (refusal) among your downloads in StudyOhm.

In your degree programme overview within your account, you will find a list of all of your admission letters for those degree programmes to which you have applied and have been offered a study place.

You must make a final decision as to which degree programme you wish to enrol in by clicking on “Request online enrolment”.

Now you simply need to use Nuremberg Tech’s application portal to enrol in the degree programme for which you have received an offer of admission that you have accepted online. You will only become a member of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and gain student status once you have enrolled.

You must first enrol online via StudyOhm. Once you have completed your online enrolment, your binding enrolment application will be available in StudyOhm in PDF format. Print the application out and sign it. Next, post your application to the university’s Student Advisory Service, together with all of the documents referred to therein, by the deadline set out in your admission letter. Please do not send any more or any fewer documents than have been requested. Certificates must be provided as certified copies (not in the original!).

If you are not able to send your enrolment documents to Nuremberg Tech within the specified timescale yourself, you are permitted to instruct another person to submit your postal enrolment on your behalf. Please include a simple power of attorney with your documents (e.g. I hereby authorize Mr/Ms ... to perform the enrolment activities for the ... degree programme on my behalf). However, you and the person you have instructed should bear in mind that any failure by the authorized representative may lead to exclusion from the application process in the same way as if you had committed the failure yourself.

If you are not yet of legal age at the time of enrolment, you must ask a parent or guardian to sign your binding enrolment application.

Following the timely receipt of your documents and once they have been checked, you will be enrolled at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and will receive your login details for the university’s IT systems.

You will receive your certificate of enrolment once you have logged in with your new login details.

During the course of your application, you will see various status messages within the StudyOhm portal. Since there is often some uncertainty as to what these actually mean, we have provided explanations for the individual status messages here:

In preparation: You have begun your online application, but have not yet submitted it.

Received: Your application has been received online, but has not yet been processed by the university.

Being processed: The university is processing your application.

Valid: Your application is valid and the documentation is complete. Your application will be considered in the admissions process.

Provisionally excluded: Application documents are missing or are invalid. Your application has been provisionally excluded from the admissions process.

Excluded: You have been definitively excluded from the admissions process. Your application documents were not received on time, documents requested by the university have not been submitted, or the documents submitted were not valid.

Offer of admission received: You have received an offer of admission from the university.

Offer of admission not possible at present: The university is not currently able to offer you a study place. In certain cases (e.g. in the case of NC degree programmes), it is possible that you will receive an offer at a later date.

Rejected: Your application has been rejected. The reasons will be stated in the rejection letter.

Enrolment requested: You have completed the online enrolment process and must now print out the binding enrolment request and send it to the Student Advisory Service, together with the requested documents.

Enrolled: You have been enrolled in the degree programme (matriculated).

Enrolment rejected: Your request for enrolment was rejected.

Information concerning application and admission for certain groups of people

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