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Courses at the Ohm offered in English

The Ohm offers various courses conducted in English and we are continuously developing our catalogue.

Below you will find an overview of what courses at the Ohm are taught in English:

Language Center courses

The Language Center offers courses in languages and to gain intercultural competence that are open to all Ohm students. Its catalogue of language courses is broad - ranging from beginner to advanced proficiency levels.

The Language Center course catalogue is available online.

Standard-curriculum courses

The Ohm offers various internationally oriented degree programmes that are conducted in English. More information about theses programmes and the courses offered in their curriculum is available under the preceding link.

Additionally, some of our German-language degree programme curricula also include courses offered in English. These courses are also described in the respective module handbooks. Full module handbooks can be found on our website.

If a standard-curriculum course is open to exchange students who are enrolled in a different programme at the Ohm, it will be included in the Course Catalogue for Exchange Students, which you can find below on this page.

Open electives

Our catalogue of electives that are offered in English is open to all students, regardless of which programme they are enrolled in. The courses are often interdisciplinary and attending them will benefit your academic knowledge as well as allow you to gain experience learning in a group with diverse backgrounds.

The Course Catalogue for Exchange Students is a collection of the electives and standard-curriculum courses offered in English at the Ohm that are open for exchange students. You can find the Course Catalogue for Exchange Students below on this web site.

To register for the courses, go to VirtuOhm. You will receive more information about registering for courses during the orientation programme at the beginning of your exchange semester.

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Course Catalogue for Exchange Students

The courses listed in the Course Catalogue for Exchange Students are open for all exchange students.

Many of the courses in the catalogue are electives and are open for any student enrolled at the Ohm regardless of their degree programme.

Other courses are standard-curriculum courses that exchange students may take, even if they are registered in another degree programme at the Ohm.

So, as an exchange student, you can register in principle for any course included in the catalogue. However, some courses in the catalogue have pre-requisites that will influence whether it is suitable for you individually.

Our course catalogue for summer semester 2024 is available under the preceding link.

Last updated on: 1 March 2024

Course catalogue for winter semester 2023/24

Course catalogue from summer semester 2023

Course catalogue for winter semester 2022/23

Please note: In upcoming semesters, a similar selection of electives will be offered in English. However, please note that not all courses listed will be offered every semester.

Contact person for the Course Catalogue for Exchange Students

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