Applied Mathematics, Physics and Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Humanities webpages!

The degree programmes offered by the Faculty include the two accredited bachelor’s programmes (“Applied Mathematics and Physics” and “Journalism of Technology”) and, since the summer semester 2018, also a master’s programme in “Applied Mathematics and Physics”. The Faculty also offers general courses to supplement the the degree programmes at Nuremberg Tech.

The Faculty currently has 28 professors from various subject areas who teach the latest developments in research and methodology. Developing innovative concepts in teaching is important to the Faculty.

Historically, the Faculty specialized in mathematics and physics. But relatively recently, in the winter semester 2009/10, the Faculty launched its degree programme in Journalism of Technology. Following this came its range of general courses as well as the Language Center (LC) offering programmes to develop language proficiency. The LC organizes all language courses at the university and coordinates the range of courses in intercultural competence.

Around 90 adjunct teaching staff and 10 scientific and non-scientific staff members support this comprehensive study offer.

What's more, the Competence Center for Gender and Diversity also forms part of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Humanities and brings together various disciplines to develop competence in gender and diversity topics both within and outside of the university.