Transfer understanding at Nuremberg Tech

Photo: Felix Zeiss

Cooperative and mutual

Nuremberg Institute of Technology views the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology as a partnership and mutual exchange between the university and external actors from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and beyond.

Diverse and collaborative

The defining feature of transfer projects is cooperation with people from diverse disciplines and organisational backgrounds. Teachers, researchers and students collaborate with representatives from transfer partners. Employees from the Administration and Services departments of Nuremberg Tech are also often involved, providing vital support.

Responsible and future-oriented

As a university, we contribute to economic, technological, social, cultural and ecological developments through our actions and knowledge and also help to address socially important challenges and the associated transformation processes.
Through research partnerships, events, media or teaching formats, we are able to convey, disseminate, use or – together with partners – generate subject-appropriate knowledge, technology and expertise from our teaching and research to help meet the very real challenges that we face in the present day and will face in the future.

Quality-conscious and solution-oriented

Transfer is a means of continuously improving and raising awareness of the quality of our teaching and research. Transfer ensures that teaching and research are current and application-oriented. By incorporating stimuli, problems and expertise from external partners, we can continuously adapt the content of our study programmes and research projects to current and future requirements.
As a university of applied sciences, practical relevance is an essential part of what we do.

Photo: Lukas Pürmayr

Nuremberg Tech’s transfer strategy

Nuremberg Tech’s transfer strategy, which was developed in the summer of 2021, pursues the overall goal of consolidating the existing transfer culture and cooperative relationships at Nuremberg Tech and, building on this, to reinforce and expand active exchange and cooperation with industry, cultural institutions, non-profit organisations, politics, science, and civil society.

Download Nuremberg Tech’s transfer strategy.

The results of three joint virtual workshops and several rounds of discussions on the current transfer process, hurdles, obstacles, and future perspectives have been incorporated into the present transfer strategy. At the same time, a study was carried out to document and analyse the range of transfer activities and transfer formats at Nuremberg Tech. Building on these steps, a common transfer understanding was formulated, success factors were identified, and strategic and operational objectives and measures were developed in four areas of action.

The transfer strategy is one component of the overall strategic orientation of Nuremberg Tech and is closely linked to the other sub-strategies for university development. It underscores the vital importance of the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology for Nuremberg Tech.