Design is diversity.

The diversity associated with the term design
is reflected in the diversity of our range
of professional profiles.

Who knows for certain, before beginning their studies, what type of design education is right for them? How can you commit yourself at such an early stage and choose, for example, product design or media design or even communication design...?

This is just one of the multitude of reasons that many study applicants choose to take our bachelor’s degree programme in Design, which allows them to spend an entire semester as “study beginners”, getting to know all 11 disciplines on offer, before they decide on the combination of subjects they want to study in detail through the rest of their degrees. This gives students the opportunity to design their own individual programme and develop a personal specialization in shaping their own design study course.

By studying three equal modules in parallel, students not only acquire diverse interdisciplinary skills, but also develop integrated, cross-media design expertise over the course of their studies. 

Studying design at Nuremberg: Greatest possible freedom of choice for students, personalization of specialist areas of study, and openness to further development and goal orientation.

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