Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Computer Science

Computer science is everywhere - computer science secures our future

In view of developments in information technology, which nowadays are making their presence felt in all disciplines, computer science is not without justification being regarded as the new universal science.

Since the “Diplom” programme in Computer Science was first introduced within the General Science department in 1985 and since the official foundation of Computer Science as a department in 1999, the Faculty has undergone remarkable growth and is now home to around 1000 students. 
Practically oriented teaching and applied research are key characteristics of the Faculty of Computer Science. The industrial sector in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is a center of creative IT and is characterised by a large number of small, medium-sized and large companies, to which the Faculty is closely linked. Two thirds of final theses and many IT projects are carried out in collaboration with external partners.
Our students benefit from the fact that the curricula of the programmes are completely up to date, from the variety of research activities carried out by our professors, from our 12 laboratories, from the additional components for students, such as conferences (IN vision Day), summer academies or soft skills spring schools, and from individual funding opportunities offered by companies (I.C.S. programme, Deutschlandstipendium).

With 28 professors, supported by around 20 adjunct faculty, 26 staff, and 11 lecturers from the Faculties of AMP, Design, and the Language Center, the Faculty provides an excellent environment in which to study.

Our degree programmes encompass three bachelor’s degree programmes and three follow-on master’s degree programmes:

Bachelor’s degree programmes:

Master’s degree programmes:

All degree programmes are accredited in accordance with established guidelines.

Study with us to secure the future!

Faculty of Computer Science

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