Applying for the first semester for transfer students

Are you already studying at another university and would you like to change to a degree programme at Nuremberg Tech? If you would like to restart your studies with us, please apply for the first semester and follow the usual application procedure.

Application for a later semester with recognition/crediting of previous work

Do you have credits from previous post-secondary coursework or achievements in your professional career that could be credited to the degree programme you intend to study with us? Then it is sometimes possible to join in a later semester. Application for a later semester is possible for both the winter semester and the summer semester. The application procedure is identical to that for the first semester, but you must submit a request for recognition/crediting with your application.

If you have already studied at another university and have credits that are relevant for the degree programme you wish to study at our university, please submit a request to join in a later semester with your application. Skills acquired outside of higher education (e.g. from further training as a Fachwirt [senior specialist qualification]) can also be converted into credits and therefore enable the student to join in a later semester. Upload the completed request form with your online application as well as the module descriptions/proofs of competence.

Request for entry into a later semester

The examination board of the degree programme in question decides whether you have a sufficient level of previous study to join in a later semester. If you are unsure whether your previous study is sufficient to allow you to join in a later semester, we recommend that you also apply for the first semester. For NC degree programmes, admission to a later semester may also depend on the number of study places available.

For some bachelor's programmes there is a fixed minimum number of credits required for entry into the second semester or later.