Are you an international student who wants to come and study at the Ohm? To ensure that your application is successful, you must first meet the following prerequisites:

  • Recognition of academic credentials (certificates and diplomas): The qualification from your home country must be recognised by the university.
    When applying for a bachelor’s degree programme, the university will check whether your credentials or other educational qualifications are equivalent to the Bavarian Abitur (higher education entrance qualification).
    In order to undertake a master’s degree programme, you must have previously completed a university programme equivalent to a German university degree. Further information concerning the recognition of academic credentials
  • Evidence of German language proficiency: Excellent German language skills are required for the majority of degree programmes at our university.

    To study a programme taught in German at the Ohm, you will need a certificate demonstrating very good C1-level language skills. You will need to present the certificate upon enrolment at the latest. The language certificates listed under this link are accepted by the Ohm.

    It is possible to attend a preparatory language course at the Ohm. The Language Center offers regular DSH Preparatory Courses at levels B2 and C1. There are also two opportunities to sit the DSH examination at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg (in February and July). For more information on course times, costs, advice, and registration, please visit the Language Center webpages.

  • Degree programme-specific requirements: Some bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes have specific admission requirements (e.g., pre-study internship), which also apply to you as an international applicant.

Required documents

Details concerning the required documents and the application process can be found on the International Office’s pages for prospective international students .

Information concerning the international student quota

As part of the international student quota, 10% of places on NC degree programmes are reserved for international students. However, this is not primarily based on your nationality, but on whether your university entrance qualification has been obtained in Germany as a “domestic student” or abroad as an “international student”.

You will be included in the international student quota if you

  • did not obtain your university entrance qualification in the Federal Republic of Germany or at a German school abroad or in a Member State of the European Union, or
  • obtained your university entrance qualification at a German Studienkolleg (preparatory college) by completing the FSP assessment examination in a specialization required for the degree programme, or
  • are stateless.

If more international students have applied for the degree programme than there are study places available within the quota, applicants will be selected purely on the basis of their (converted) average grade. Waiting periods are not taken into account and applications for the recognition of hardship are also not accepted.

Applicants who obtained their university entrance qualification in an EU Member State are included in the Abitur quota and waiting periods are also taken into account. Waiting periods are not affected by time spent studying at a foreign university, i.e., such time is not deducted from the waiting period.