Bavarian University Knowledge Transfer Offices

The transfer offices at the 10 universities and 17 universities of applied sciences in Bavaria have come together to form the “Bavarian University Knowledge Transfer Offices working group” with the aim of giving companies and organizations in society access to the entire spectrum of expertise available at Bavaria’s higher education institutions right from the moment first contact is made, thereby allowing synergies to be developed and exploited.

Information about the working group, the knowledge transfer officers, knowledge transfer institutions and the many knowledge transfer services can be found here.

Hochschulallianz für den Mittelstand (Universities Alliance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, HAfM)

The HAfM currently brings together 12 universities of applied sciences from across Germany. These universities are united by the principle of providing young people with a labour-market oriented, application-based education while also strengthening the exchange of knowledge with the regional economy.

The HAfM would like to bring both sets of partners, application-oriented universities and small and medium-sized enterprises, closer together. To that end, it is establishing structures and organizing processes to facilitate transfer between the world of academic research and business.

FHnet - A network of German universities of applied sciences funded by the “EU-Strategie FH” programme set up by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The FHnet network brings together 20 universities of applied sciences that receive funding through the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s “EU-Strategie FH” programme. 

The universities have set out to

  •   position themselves strategically in relation to European research topics,
  •   increase the visibility of universities of applied sciences in Europe,
  •   develop more EU research projects, especially as part of the “Horizon 2020” framework research programme.

FHnet is a continuously developing, cooperative network comprising a wide range of projects, people and experience. It offers a framework for joint activities that support the EU strategy projects for the individual universities. Furthermore, the network also provides support for organizational and conceptual exchange, networking, and improving the visibility and positioning of universities and projects.