Research  - Sustainable solutions for the next generations

Questions of sustainability are considered in all research activities carried out at the Ohm. This leads to raised awareness of sustainable behaviour for researchers and students involved in projects. Additionally, research results from the Ohm will contribute to sustainable resource use. Both of these aspects allow us to play a part in ensuring that today’s generation is not living at the cost of future generations. Protecting the environment and the climate, frugal use of natural resources, high energy efficiency, active involvement in the energy transition and heat transition, and especially increased awareness of the importance of sustainable behaviour in all areas of our society are important goals for the research conducted at the Ohm. Projects that are oriented on the EU’s Green Deal are pursued with priority at our university. 

A positive contribution to sustainable development in society - that is what motivates faculty, students, and staff at the Ohm. A mutual and cooperative exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experience between the Ohm and its partners is what characterises sustainable transfer for us.

GreenPV - Towards current facade solutions for climate adaptation and neutrality


The current climate change is noticeable even in Central Europe and demands new architectural ideas. Along with other reasons, this is one reason why the realization of nearly
climate-neutral buildings by 2050 is included in the Federal Government’s energy and climate policy goals. An important component of this effort
can be provided by combining innovative facade systems that have been previously rarely used. Vertical greening is increasingly playing an important role, because... more about this project

Bio-polymers - Biodegradable bio-plastics


Plastics are useful and have become indispensable in our everyday lives. Packaging and plastic bags in particular are thrown away after a single use and pose a threat to our environment if disposed of carelessly, or even in the prescribed manner. Viewed on a global scale, carelessly discarded plastic waste is clustering together on the world’s oceans to form huge floating islands of waste, while microplastics resulting from the degradation of the waste are accumulating in the food chain.  more about this project

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