During the introductory sessions at the start of the programme, you will be told what courses, lectures, seminars, etc. you will be required to attend (required courses) in individual degree programmes.

In addition to the stipulated mandatory components, the university offers a wide range of other courses that each student is free to choose for the purpose of supplementing their knowledge of different subjects.

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Humanities offers a comprehensive catalogue of (required) electives.

All language courses are listed centrally by the Language Center. If you are interested in any of these courses, you will need to enrol via the VirtuOhm portal, after which you will be automatically registered for the examination; it is also possible to cancel registration using the portal.

Many of Nuremberg Tech’s course components are taught with the aid of the Moodle learning platform. To register, use your my.ohm login details, which you will receive after enrolling with the university.