If you wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree programme as a first year student, it is only possible to begin your studies during the winter semester. The exceptions to this are the Design and Mechanical Engineering degree programmes, which are also open to first year students during the summer semester.

For master’s degree programmes and continuing education programmes, as well as when starting further studies in a higher semester, courses generally begin during the both the winter and the summer semester. There are also exceptions to this, which you can find on the relevant degree programme pages.

If you are a transfer student or if you are applying to start during a higher semester, you can find further information here.

Application periods may be extended; this will be announced in good time on the degree programme pages. Since application periods may be extended, we request that you visit the online application portal for information during the application periods. During this time, no specific application periods will be listed on this page.

Information about starting your studies in winter semester 2020/21

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the application periods for many degree programmes are different compared to previous years. The application deadline for each degree programme is published on the respective degree programme web page. The application period for bachelor’s degree programmes with restricted-admission (NC), that are processed via hochschulstart.de’s dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV), began on 1 July and ends on 20 August 2020. Please note that there have been changes to the schedule and form of the preliminary tests for bachelor’s degree programmes that require such tests. Information is available on the respective degree programme web pages and on the relevant Faculty’s web pages. Please check the sites regularly for current information