The Student Counseling Service at the Ohm offers prospective and current students an online advisory platform – the Student Counseling Portal. Our Student Counseling Portal allows you to access information and counseling online, anonymously and at any time.

Online counseling – easy and uncomplicated

To use the Student Counseling Portal, you must first register. If you are already an Ohm student, you can log in using your Ohm account. If you would like to remain anonymous for your counseling or are not yet enrolled, you can create an account with a name other than your own.

The Student Counseling Portal offers different options. You can choose counseling in forums, chats, by video, or individual messages.

  • Forum: You can post your question or query. Your posts and our answer will be publicly viewable.
  • Individual message: You can send us your question, which will be answered by us confidentially and privately.
  • Video counseling: We can offer you video counseling. To arrange a video counseling, you must send us a message in the Student Counseling Portal or by email to the Student Counseling, so we can arrange a video appointment.
  • Counseling chat: Just ask.


We will answer your message within our normal office hours, Monday through Friday (current office hours). Please be understanding that we may sometimes need a little time to answer.

Maybe you are having trouble finding help and support or would like a face-to-face conversation. The Student Counseling Portal offers you an uncomplicated and easy way to find support if you are facing questions, ambiguities, or uncertainties concerning the following topics:

  •     Orientation and choosing a programme
  •     Admission and application
  •     Organising your studies
  •     Doubts about your course, change of study, and dropping out
  •     Personal problems
  •     and more...