During the development of our brand for our 200th anniversary in 2023, the university also attended to its mission and vision, which were revised or newly formulated. The value the university places on community, creativity, and character is expressed in our vision, value, and mission statements.


We educate people to become competent and open-minded individuals.

We do this by maintaining and developing established knowledge and creating new knowledge.

Our behaviour is based on our values. We are shaping the future responsibly: socially, economically, and ecologically.

Values and mission

Our university focuses on people and their character and embraces diversity.
We are proactive and empowered, collaborative and accessible, clear and focused.
We are connected to and have a strong effect in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and beyond.

We design flexible and interdisciplinary educational programmes and are future-oriented in our work. As a university, the Ohm influences and shapes our community; it is a place of opportunity for teaching, researching, and lifelong learning.

The structure of our strategy

The Ohm2030 Strategy Grid illustrates our values and the five principles that comprise the basis for the various strategies, which tangibly address specific areas.

The vision, mission, and values are the basis that guide all strategic decision-making processes.

The Ohm’s strategic plans

Strategic plans usually span 5-year periods. They are regularly evaluated and reviewed, and adjusted to address new developments, as needed.

A community process has dovetailed the approaches to and positions on teaching and learning at the Ohm since 2017 as formulated in our “Teaching and Learning Vision - to be in dialogue”. In particular two aspects inform teaching and learning: teaching and learning are mutually conditioning and the essential steering component is dialogue. More about the dynamic process behind and driving this strategic area is available on our website.

The Ohm takes on major technological and social challenges of the future and approaches them actively and innovatively to find solutions. Our success in applied research and development shows how our claim is deserved: We are amongst the highest performing universities in this area.

Our transfer strategy follows the overarching aim to strengthen the vital and successful transfer culture and collaborative relationships at the Ohm; building on this foundation, we aim to intensify and expand active exchange and cooperation with the business community, with cultural and non-profit institutions, with politics and scholarship, and with civil society.

The Ohm is a university with strong regional ties within a globalised world that comprises living, employment, and research communities. The university’s development is closely tied to the profile of the region and its prospective development.

The Ohm sees diversity as an opportunity. In places where different people come together, their different perspectives and experiences foster innovation, internationalisation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. The university values equal and equitable opportunity, respectful interaction and collaboration, and an open approach to diversity.

As digitalisation is a topic that touches a broad range of areas, the digitalisation strategy addresses all areas in the university with the goal of optimising and reorganising or designing processes.

The Ohm’s sustainability strategy is the result of a multi-step, participative process in which individuals from staff, student, and faculty groups were engaged. The strategy is oriented according to the concept of Whole Institution Approach and addresses the following areas at our university: Student engagement, Education, Research, Transfer, Governance, and Infrastructure.

The university culture and organisational development strategy is the result of the University Management initiating an iterative process in which the organisation as a whole is considered and includes transformation processes and continuous development - with people at the center of change.