European University Association (EUA)

Nuremberg Tech has been a full member of the European University Association (EUA) since January 2019. As a research-focused university, Nuremberg Tech is well positioned and is developing its network on a European level. Membership gives access to a Europe-wide network for research, teaching and exchange and the opportunity to find new co-operation partners and share best practice experience.

The EUA is the largest association of European universities and represents the interests of over 850 universities from 48 European countries and 33 national rectors’ conferences. Founded in 2001, the EUA promotes exchange and networking between universities and plays a key role in shaping the Bologna Process and higher-education policy. It also promotes research and development, innovation, and higher education and cooperates with both European and international organizations. Since 2008, research-focused universities without the right to award doctorates have also been permitted to join the EUA under certain conditions.

In the words of Prof. Michael Braun, President of Nuremberg Tech: “The future of science is European! Nuremberg Tech not only has a strong regional network but has also been active at European level for several years, both in terms of our student and employee exchange programmes and as part of European research associations. Scientific exchange and international cooperation are now indispensable when it comes to developing an interdisciplinary approach to the big issues that we will face in the future.”

EIT Raw Materials

Transferring research innovations into industry – this is the main goal of EIT RawMaterials, an association funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) EIT RawMaterials is the world’s largest and most important consortium in the field of raw materials, comprising over 100 business partners from industry, research, and education from a total of 22 EU member states.

The intention of the consortium is to increase the competition, growth and appeal of the European raw materials sector, primarily through intensively supporting innovations and entrepreneurship. Its activities are aimed at the entire European raw materials ecosystem and are carried out by transnational Co-Location Centres (CLCs) and the association’s head office in Berlin.