The origins of the Faculty of Architecture can be traced back to the municipal industrial school founded in 1803. Later in 1823, the school was remodelled into a polytechnic institute led by the architect and master builder Heideloff. Since then, the programme has been restructured several times. There are currently 15 professors teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, supported by over 50 adjunct teaching staff as well as research and technical staff. With access to the experience of established architectural offices, approximately 400 students are trained to a high level in the follow-on degree programmes (bachelor's and master's).

Our university differs from purely research-oriented universities through this combination of theory and practice. The open exchange of thought, promotion of individual talents, and project-oriented cooperation with other Faculties and disciplines are all aspects that distinguish the teaching in our Faculty.

In line with this tradition, construction, design, and urban development receive emphasis in our programmes. To bring balance between craftsmanship and art, construction and design, rationality and emotion, to create a unified result – these are the goals of our work.