Sustainability at the Ohm

Ideas for sustainable practices. As an organisation, we seek to become climate neutral as far as and as quickly as possible. Information about events and news related to sustainability at the Ohm is available on these pages. You will find rotating information about flagship projects under each of the six areas of activity: Governance, Infrastructure, Education, Research, Transfer, and Student Initiatives.

Sustainability principle / policy statement 

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (Brundtland Report, 1987)

The Ohm sets off towards more sustainability!

On 18 April 2023 the final draft of the sustainability strategy was completed at a workshop. The draft is the result of a multi-step, participative process in which individuals from staff, student, and faculty groups were engaged. The strategy is oriented according to the Whole Institution Approach concept and addresses the following areas at our university: Student engagement, Education, Research, Transfer, Governance, and Infrastructure. This workshop was not a conclusion – it is an addition to an ongoing process and marks the beginning of more sustainability at the Ohm. We plan to publish the final Sustainability strategy in late May and will be available on the website. 

Photo: Macgyver Felix Correa


By establishing a contact point for sustainability topics at the Ohm, we aim to ensure concerns are centrally collected and supported. It is designed to coordinate and communicate sustainability work internally. Additionally, it serves as a contact point for external queries, collaborations, and for public relations. Do you have questions about sustainability and how we’re working towards it at the Ohm? Or do you have ideas for a project? Get in touch!

Sustainability Manager

Carolin Lano Carolin Lano

Climate Action Manager

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