Nuremberg Tech has an ideal location close to public transport links. We are located close to the Wöhrder Wiese underground stop and other bus and tram stops. Payment of the Student Services fee enables students to use local public transport under favourable conditions.

The semester ticket is valid across the entire Nuremberg Metropolitan Region transport network, and consists of two components: a Basic ticket and an Additional ticket. Both are available from the VGN transport association’s online shop.

Basic ticket

The Basic ticket entitles students to use public transport Mondays to Fridays each semester between 7 pm and 6 am the next day, and without time limits at weekends and statutory public holidays across the entire local transport association network.

The Basic ticket is funded collectively by all students of the major higher education institutions within the Metropolitan Region through the Student Services fee. Students therefore automatically pay for the Basic ticket with their Student Services fee when they register each semester. This means that the Basic ticket must be purchased even if students prefer not to use local public transport. The current price is published at the time of enrolment or registration before the semester starts.

Optional Additional ticket

By purchasing an optional Additional ticket each semester, students are able to use local public transport across the entire VGN network at any time of day. The current price for each semester is available on the VGN website .

VAG_RAD (lending a bike)

Since summer semester 2022, students who are resident in Nuremberg and purchase an Additional ticket for the semester receive 100 minutes free for the VAG_Rad in the VAG app, NürnbergMOBIL.
If you purchased your semester ticket in the VGN ticket app, you cannot re-connect that purchase in the NürnbergMOBIL app; this will mean these students do not have access to the free VAG_Rad minutes for the duration of that semester.
All information about NürnbergMOBIL and VAG_Rad is available at and

Semester ticket FAQs

The following groups of individuals are exempt from purchasing the Basic ticket:

  • Severely disabled persons who hold a severely disabled person’s pass ("Schwerbehindertenausweis") and are also able to prove entitlement to free carriage on public transport by means of a voucher from the Office for Family and Social Welfare.
  • Students who are enrolled in more than one higher education institution at the same time and are exempt from payment of Student Services (Studentenwerk) fees in accordance with § 95 (2) of the Bavarian Higher Education Act.

Please submit your application for exemption from the collective contribution for the semester ticket by the end of the registration period.

Unfortunately, further exemptions based on financial hardship are not possible. In addition, the actual non-use of the service associated with the semester ticket does not constitute sufficient grounds for exemption, since the payment requirement only relates to the option of use and not the use itself.

If you have registered for the coming semester, the entire Student Services fee will cease to be refundable from the first day of validity in the new semester. The reason for this is to ensure that you are also able to use the Basic ticket from the first day of validity.

It used to be possible in individual cases to refund Student Services fees that had already been paid for the coming semester at a later date. This is now no longer possible because the Student Services fee is linked to the collective contribution for the semester ticket.

Should you fail to pay the total fee due to the university in full and by the deadline, this will result in your mandatory removal from the student register at the end of the current semester pursuant to the stipulations under higher education law.