The open consultation hour on Wednesday, 27.03.2024, unfortunately has to be canceled.

Until further notice, the open consultation hours will be held via telephone. You can call during these times and inform us of your request or concern. Appointments for psychological counseling sessions can be held in person, as a videoconference, or on the telephone. If German is not your native language, psychological counseling in English is also possible. Please send us an email to request an appointment or call us during our open consultation hours.

In cooperation with the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nuremberg, we offer psychological counseling for all students and employees at Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

People come to the counseling service for many different reasons. Many come because they feel that they are being affected by personal problems or problems with other people, such as having trouble studying or with exams, finding it hard to build relationships, problems with superiors, partners or parents, depression, feelings of despair, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, feelings of guilt, psychosomatic complaints, and many more.


You can make an appointment with us or contact us without obligation (even without registering in advance or mentioning your name) during our open consultation hours to get information.

Arranging an appointment: Via the open consultation hours, by telephone during office hours, or by email.
Open consultation hours: There are no open consultation hours at the moment. Please use the telephone consultation hours.
Telephone:      0911-5880-2548
Thursday,  11.30 am – 12.30 pm
Contact: Christin Wolter, M.Sc. Psychologist
Room BM. 206
Dürrenhofstraße 6
90489 Nuremberg
Email: Psychologische-Beratungatth-nuernbergPunktde
Telephone: 0911-5880-2548

Please note:
Please sign and send your consent form (in German - download is below) by email before your appointment or bring it with you to your appointment.

If you are in an acute crisis situation, you can contact the following organisations for help:
Krisendienst Mittelfranken, Tel. +49 (0)911/424855-0
Klinikum am Europakanal, Tel. +49 (0)9131/753-0
Psychiatric emergency room, Nuremberg Hospital North, Tel. +49 (0)911/3982493
TelefonSeelsorge, Tel. +49 (0)800/111 0 111