Knowledge transfer and cooperation

Nuremberg Institute of Technology is a powerful driver of innovation for the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Research and teaching at Nuremberg Tech are being continuously boosted by well-established transfer formats and a wide range of options for collaborating with partners from science, business, and society.

Application-oriented teaching formats, research projects, events, and publications ensure that research and teaching are up-to-date and practical.

We view the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology as a partnership and mutual exchange between the university and external actors from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and beyond.

The university both generates and receives momentum. For us, transferring knowledge from science is not just something that can be exploited economically, but is also a social duty. We believe that science is embedded in society and its regional environment, which is why we consider a wide range of exchange processes and formats with transfer partners.

Transfer expertise and formats

Transfer expertise at Nuremberg Tech