The University Service for Family, Equality, and Occupational Health offers a wide range of advice and support on the topics of family, equity, and health.

We would be happy to advise you via email, telephone, video, or in person.

In addition to our counseling offerings per telephone or email, we also provide counseling per videochat for individuals or small groups.


A videochat counseling session

is much like face-to-face counseling (a direct conversation), but the communication is conducted via video or chat functions. Two types of counseling sessions are possible: individual videochat counseling , which are individually tailored to your questions or concerns, or small group videochat counseling with a maximum of 4 participants.


How to arrange a videochat:

Please contact us for counseling per videochat by sending an email to: hsfgatth-nuernbergPunktde. We will then arrange an individual appointment with you and give you the necessary access information .



We use the CGM ELVI tool to conduct our videochats. This is a software for video consultation hours - independent of location and uncomplicated. It is TÜV-certified and meets the technical and data protection requirements and is therefore particularly suitable for personal consultations.


Technical requirements:

  • No special IT knowledge is required for the use of ELVI.
  • No downloading or installation of software is necessary. To use CGM ELVI, visit the web page and log in with the access information that you receive from HSFG via email before your appointment.
  • Via ELVI, files can be viewed and exchanged together in accordance with data protection regulations.


To participate in a videochat, you will need the following hardware:

  • A webcam, microphone, and speaker
  • A stable internet connection
  • The webcam and microphone must be working when you log in; if not, you will not be able to enter the online counseling room.
  • However, both hardware components can be turned on and off independently during the session.
  • You can only participate in a small group counseling session if you use the Google Chrome browser.

Nuremberg Tech has already received several awards for being family-friendly and is involved in various networks on the subject:

Management & office

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Counseling and projects

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You can find us in the Room BM.207 in the BM Building, Dürrenhofstr. 6, 90402 Nuremberg.