How to contact the university

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm
Keßlerplatz 12
90489 Nuremberg
Telephone: + 49 911/5880-0
Fax: + 49 911/5880-8309
Email: infoatth-nuernbergPunktde

Queries from prospective or current students
The Student Advisory Service and the Student Office will be happy to help you.
+ 49 911/5880-5022 (Degree programmes AR, BW, D, SoH, SW, OPS)
+ 49 911/5880-5033 (Degree programmes AC, AMP, BI, EFI, IN, MB, VT, WT)
Email: studienbueroatth-nuernbergPunktde

Information for job applicants
Please use our online application form to apply to the relevant job advertisement.

Questions from journalists
The University Communications Department will be happy to help you.
Telephone: + 49 911/5880-4100
Email: presseatth-nuernbergPunktde

Suggestions, concerns, or even complaints
Please contact us directly. We’ll be pleased to assist you!
Office of the Chancellor
Anja-Maria Storm
Telephone: + 49 911/5880-4190
Email: anja-maria.stormatth-nuernbergPunktde

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