Refectories (Mensa) and cafeterias

The refectories (Mensa) and cafeterias in the Student Services (Studentenwerk) building are the first port of call for all students’ catering needs. It is easy to pay anywhere using your student ID card (OHMcard).

Keßlerplatz location/Wassertorstraße location

The Mensateria Ohm offers a choice of three dishes daily. There is also a wide range of salads and desserts available from the self-service buffet, as well as coffee, freshly squeezed juice, and a variety of snacks to enjoy. Close to the Keßlerplatz location is also the Mensa Insel Schütt with space for 950 diners.

Bahnhofstraße location

The “BistrOhm” cafeteria , with space for 70 diners, is located directly inside Building BL, making it the main port of call for hungry students from the Faculties of Business Administration and Social Sciences.

Hohfederstraße location

The “Come IN” cafeteria provides food and drink for the Faculty of Computer Science location.