Governance  - The foundation for sustainable university development 

The many projects and initiatives in education, research, third mission, and operations/infrastructure must be considered and coordinated with regard to how they connect and intersect; governance is required to accomplish this task. The governance, the ordered coordination of all processes related to sustainability, must align all activities and take binding decisions as related to the goals, responsibilities, and resources for sustainable development at the university. It includes steering and coordinating activities and ensures the framework within which specific, operative measures can be implemented. Its goal is to institutionalise sustainable development at the university. Communication and participation play a central role in this task.

Economy for the Common Good

The Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm has had a Common Good Certificate since October 2021. The Economy for the Common Good is an economic model which makes a good life for everyone its primary goal and purpose. In this model, human dignity, solidarity, sustainability, social justice, and democracy are defined indicators of economic activitiy. The ECG Certificate is a step along the way for the Ohm in its effort to orient its activities more ecologically, economically, and socially sustainably in the future. 

The official documents related to the Ohm’s Common Good Balance Sheet.