“Auf AEG” – the former AEG site

Muggenhofer Straße, Nuremberg

Construction phase:2022 - 2024
Developer:MIB Coloured Fields GmbH
Architects: Steimle Architekten GmbH
Researchers:approx. 110 people
Research and Transfer service40 employees

The future concept of the Nuremberg Campus of Technology for Research and Transfer

Innovative strength comes from ideas

New ideas flourish wherever the solutions of the future are being developed,
places like the “Auf AEG” Campus of Technology, which will, from 2024 onwards, form the Center for Applied Research at Nuremberg Tech.

At Nuremberg Tech, we believe that it is both our responsibility and mission to promote technological, social, economic and cultural innovations, particularly in cooperation with industry, start-ups, SMEs, other scientific institutions, and social and public organisations in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

A combination of expertise and facilities

In order for innovations to reach the market quickly and have an effect on society, there must be some interaction between physical infrastructure, research expertise, and transfer facilities.

Research at the Nuremberg Campus of Technology

  • Ambient intelligence
  • Autonomous systems
  • Digital and artificial creativity 
  • Energy
  • Mobile robotics
  • Mobility
  • Smart engineering
  • Virtual and augmented reality 
  • Hydraulic engineering 
  • Water resource management

Impressions from the cornerstone ceremony

  • Baufortschritt - Foto: MIB Coulered Fields
  • Photo: Melanie Scheller
  • Photo: Melanie Scheller
  • Photo: Melanie Scheller
  • Photo: Melanie Scheller
  • Photo: Melanie Scheller

Other interesting information about individual facilities in the field of Research & Transfer: