Pro Noris Prize

In 2022, the Pro Noris Prize was awarded by the Nuremberg Civic Foundation for the first time for exceptional academic project, master’s or bachelor’s theses resulting from cooperation with non-profit and public organisations such as sports clubs, museums and charities based in the city of Nuremberg.


Service Learning - Engaged and Educated

For many years, the Nuremberg Institute of Technology has been working with charities, sports teams, museums, and other non-profit organisations, and we would like to develop this collaboration further.

To this end, the Nuremberg Institute of Technology has set up the “Service Learning – Engaged and Educated” contact point to facilitate cooperation with non-profit sector partners. Since January 2021, the contact point has come under the umbrella of LEONARDO – Center for Creativity and Innovation.

Are you a non-profit organisation or community looking for a contact at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology with a view to developing joint projects? Would you like to expand your course to include collaboration with non-profit sector partners? Are you still looking for suitable cooperation partners for a project or for your final thesis?

Your port of call at the contact point is Ms Maren Grimm, who will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide advice if you are considering a partnership with us. The contact point supports the university’s strategy to provide more effective support for issues in the region, and it is also embedded in the guiding principle of the university. The scheme involves students from practically all faculties. We call this strategy “Service Learning – Engaged and Educated”.   

Further information is available here.

Service Learning at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Service Learning – Engagiert Studiert

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