The Career Service is a service organisation for students, graduates, businesses, and young alumni of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm. We support you with your profiling and prepare you for your entry into the workplace. We also act as a bridge-builder between you and companies or organisations in the economic and social sectors.

2024 work experience days from 4 - 15 March 2023: Fast forward your career!

You can register for the “Praxistage” 2024 beginning 14 November 2023. The “Praxistage” or work experience days is one of the largest career events in Bavaria - a collaborative project between our “Hochschuljobbörse” and 19 career service departments at Bavarian universities for students of architecture, engineering sciences, computer science, business, and social sciences. It is possible for companies to offer their practical experience event as an in-person or virtual event. You will gain insight into the regular working world in your subject area, get an authentic impression of various companies and staff within your field, and hear information first-hand about internships, final theses, student jobs, or entry into the professional world.

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Individual advice

As a student or graduate of the Ohm, you can receive individual advice upon request on the subjects of profile building, individual job hunting, application portfolios, interviews, and telephone interviews. The meetings are free of charge and by appointment. Counseling is offered on campus or in video call format. Send us an email, if you would like a meeting.

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on this web page. External recruiting events can be found on our pinboard.

Career Service guidelines

The Career Service acts as an interface between the university, companies, organizations, and students.

It provides support by “...helping students and graduates, along the academic life cycle, to develop professional goals and employment-relevant skills, and be able to take up suitable employment following successful university studies.” (cnsd 2018: Bremen declaration)

In 2011, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) described three core tasks of career services:

  • Providing students and graduates with information and advice so that they take responsibility for shaping their professional career in the context of the knowledge society.
  • Strengthening the exchange between teaching and the world of work.
  • Contact management and connecting students, graduates, and employers.

The Career Service primarily represents the interests of the students here. In collaboration with external partners, it is a question of achieving a win-win-win situation for students, the university, and companies. 

The advice provided to students, graduates, and young alumni in the Career Service is confidential, transparent, person-, context- and solution-centered, and independent.

The substantive focus lies on clarifying and planning the career direction, creating a profile and application strategy, and preparing for company personnel selection procedures.

The Career Service is often identified by companies and organisations as the first point of contact when they want to find out what possibilities there are at the Ohm for their university marketing and specific personnel recruitment. Associations also look for a suitable framework in order to present themselves. The Career Service acts in an advisory capacity here and, if necessary, involves other experts at the university in this need for clarification.

Students and graduates in turn are supported by the Career Service in gaining various insights into the world of work and being able to learn from profession representatives. They gain an overview of their relevant and specific labour market and are given opportunities to build up their professional network at an early stage. It is also a question of exploring whether they see their professional future in small, medium-sized or large enterprises and are seeking a professional perspective in the region or striving for a career at national or international level.

Using suitable formats, the Career Service supplements the existing offers in Faculties or other services or facilities of the university:

important examples are the Bavaria-wide work experience days under the overall control of the “Hochschuljobbörse”, the commitment of companies, organisations, and associations to the Career Service’s seminar programme, and the support with the development and orientation of the “Hochschuljobbörse”.

  • The Career Service adopts a (value-)neutral and independent attitude in respect of companies, organizations, and associations.
  • The Career Service’s formats focus on the professional aspect.
  • The collaboration is planned on a long-term basis and is not orientated to companies’ short-term recruitment needs.
  • The Career Service promotes the visibility of medium-sized enterprises in Bavaria and pays attention to maintaining an appropriate balance of SMEs and large enterprises.
  • If resources are limited, preference is given to companies or organizations already committed to training our students.
  • Seminars in the Career Service are aimed at the acquisition of competencies by students and graduates and are to be understood as a learning laboratory. They remain free of advertising material. Enterprises, organizations, and associations rotate according to a fixed schedule, which on the one hand also gives other companies the opportunity to present themselves but on the other hand ensures planning security and commitment. When defining the target groups for the workshop, the needs thereof are firstly clarified and examined.

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