Students have a large number of opportunities when it comes to spending part of their studies abroad:
They can complete a semester of studies abroad, attend a summer school, obtain a double degree, write their final thesis abroad, or obtain a doctorate that involves one of the partner universities abroad.

Safety information

Information about general safety precautions

Stays abroad in any country are still possible in principle and can be undertaken, if you wish and bearing your own risk. Please note the following general information about safety precautions in your planning:

  • Submit your information in any case to the crisis provision list “ Elefand ” at the German Foreign Office for German citizens
  • Remember your health care provisions (travel health insurance, vaccinations, prophylaxis, first-aid items, and medications)
  • Educate yourself about your host country and what behaviours are appropriate there
  • Make note of important emergency numbers
  • Copy/scan important documents

A detailed overview of the most important safety precautions with links is available in the following checklist from the DAAD: Information about general safety precautions

Travel and safety information from the German Foreign Office

The Foreign Office offers the app “ Sicher Reisen ” and publishes travel information, safety information, and travel warnings regularly.

  • Travel information will cover the entry requirements of a country, medical information, particular legal information (criminal and customs law). The information provided is regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Safety information indicates specific risks for Germans who are traveling or living abroad. They may contain recommendations to refrain or restrict travel. As may be appropriate, there may be an explicit advisory against undertaking not absolutely necessary travel or any travel at all. The information is regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Travel warnings contain urgent appeals from the Foreign Office to refrain from traveling to a country or region of a country. They are only issued, if it is necessary to warn against travel to a country or a region of a country due to an acute danger to limb and life. Travel warnings are only seldom issued. Germans who live in a country for which a travel warning is issued may be summoned to leave the country.

Travel and safety information as well as travel warnings are based on information available to the Foreign Office at a given time that is considered reliable by that office. A guarantee that the information is correct and complete as well as liability for possible damages cannot be assumed.

The Foreign Office continues to urgently advise securing travel health insurance with repatriation insurance if travelling abroad.

Funding opportunities

Funding semesters abroad is not always easy, as it is often associated with additional costs. There are however a large number of grants and funding programmes that may provide you with financial support while studying abroad.

A list of selected offers is available below. When applying, make sure that you apply by the relevant deadline, that your application documents are complete, and that you meet all of the funding criteria.

Funding programmes for studying in Europe

  • Erasmus+

Funding for one or two semesters of study at one of the Ohm’s partner universities. The amount of funding is determined by the destination country, and students receiving Erasmus grants do not pay any course fees. Students who apply for a semester abroad at one of the Ohm’s Erasmus partner universities will receive all further information and documents related to the Erasmus+ programme in a timely manner via email from the IO at the Ohm. 

  • “Deutschlandstipendium”

Only two to three per cent of students in Germany currently receive a grant. That figure is very low compared to other industrialised nations. The Ohm would like to change that and has been issuing “Deutschlandstipendien” to students since winter semester 2011.

  • British Council

On the British Council’s website, students can search for scholarships and other funding opportunities to support studying in the UK.


The Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST) is an institution set up by all universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of the arts in Bavaria and awards grants for study and research stays, summer language courses and internships in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe.

  • The GFPS grant programme

The “Gemeinschaft für studentischen Austausch in Mittel - und Osteuropa (GFPS) e.V.” (Association for Student Exchanges in Central and Eastern Europe) awards grants for periods of study in Poland and the Czech Republic.

  • BFHZ

The Franco-Bavarian University Cooperation Center awards mobility allowances to students at Bavarian universities planning a period of study or taking up an internship at an institution of higher education in France.

Funding programmes for studying in Asia, Australia and New Zealand

  • BayCHINA

The Bavarian University Center for China awards grants for periods of study, internships, and writing final theses in China.

  • BayIND

The Bavarian-Indian Center for Business and University Cooperation awards grants for periods of study, research stays, and summer schools in India.

  • Institut Ranke-Heinemann

Full or partial grants, and grants to cover travel costs for a period of study in Australia or New Zealand

  • GOstralia!

Full or partial grants, and grants to cover travel costs for a period of study in Australia

Dates vary, depending on the issuing university

Funding programmes for study in North, Central, or South America

  • Fulbright

The German-American Fulbright Commission awards grants for periods of study at US universities and grants to cover travel costs.

  • Institut Ranke-Heinemann

Grants for a period of study in Canada


The Bavarian Academic Center for Latin America awards grants for periods of study, internships, and writing final theses in Latin America.

Funding programmes for study worldwide

  • PROMOS: A programme to enhance student mobility

Grants and travel cost allowances for periods of study or internships for students from the Ohm, worldwide. These are issued by the International Office at the Ohm.
Information and Applying

  • Fonds Hochschule International

The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts awards grants to encourage students to undertake periods of study or internships abroad. The grant is awarded by the International Office at the Ohm.
Requirements: The grant is awarded based on need. Students must have completed all of their basic modules and have achieved a good academic performance.

The application must be made before the stay abroad begins. Applications submitted after the stay abroad has concluded will not be considered.

  • DAAD

The German Academic Exchange Service is the first port of call when it comes to organising periods of study abroad. It provides a database of grants, ranging from grants for a full year in any country and any subject, grants for combined study and internships abroad, grants for language courses, etc.

  • UAS.International: study abroad semesters and foreign research visits for final theses

Universities of applied sciences are highly regarded in Germany and around the world, especially for their practical orientation. The DAAD is helping students at universities of applied sciences carry out study and research visits abroad and supports the universities in cultivating collaborations with international partners.

  • Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation)

This organisation awards grants for periods of study and research, as well as for internships abroad (Europe, Asia, USA).

  • MyStipendium grant database

An extensive database listing funding opportunities and grants for periods spent abroad

  • Associations providing grants for outstanding students

These associations award grants and provide study support for periods spent abroad.

Funding by means of BAföG for study abroad and loans

  • BAföG for study abroad

Even students who are not entitled to receive BAföG in Germany can in some cases apply for BAföG for study abroad. Over and above the funding provided to students studying in Germany, BAföG for study abroad can also include allowances for travel costs, health insurance, and a supplement for studying abroad. Different BAföG abroad offices are responsible for awarding grants, depending on the destination country.

Applications must be submitted at least 6 months before the stay abroad commences.

  • Educational loan

The German Federal Government has set up a system of educational loans for students undertaking advanced level studies: a total loan amount of 1,000 euros to 7,200 euros, optionally available in 24 monthly instalments of 100 euros, 200 euros or 300 euros, a very favourable interest rate, simple to apply for online, repayments are not required until four years after the first amount was paid out, and a low monthly repayment rate amounting to 120 euros.

  • Student loan from KfW Bank

The KfW Banking Group issues student loans for studies and internships (including abroad) during the advanced stage of the degree programme.

Summary of all degree-related experiences abroad

Summary of all degree-related experiences abroad

A record of all degree-related study abroad is created at Nuremberg Tech and the experience is officially documented in the Diploma Supplement, the annex to the final official transcript conferred upon you. 
The “Record of degree-related study abroad” form required for this purpose can be found in the download center on the homepage of the Student Office.
Please complete the record form and send it to the Student Advisory Service (email:  after completing your studies abroad  along with the confirmation from the host university.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) free of charge for degree-related study abroad

Dear Students,

Now there is even more reason for you to study abroad!
You can obtain the popular International Student Identity Card (ISIC) directly from your university.

An ISIC is the perfect companion for international students: it gives access to discounts on
leisure, eating out, travel, and much more.  All the information can be found online.

Special offer:
If you are travelling for the purpose of a semester abroad or an internship abroad, the ISIC will be funded for you, i.e. the usual fee of 15 euros will be waived.

Where can I get an ISIC?
You can obtain an ISIC from Stefanie Ueberberg

“Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo)

Have you spent a semester abroad (study or internship), volunteered in the international sphere during your studies, attended extra-curricular language courses, or boosted your intercultural skills by attending training or country seminars?

Nuremberg Tech will reward your additional commitment with the “Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo), which you will receive free of charge.

Further information is available on this web page.