Good reasons to study at Nuremberg Tech

By choosing Nuremberg Institute of Technology, you have opted for an innovative and visionary university that is also steeped in tradition. Nuremberg Tech is one of Germany’s largest universities of applied sciences and it offers its students an education that meets the most stringent of quality requirements, while also leaving room for progressive ideas. The most compelling arguments in favour of studying at Nuremberg Tech have been summarized for you below.

Top positions in global rankings

Nuremberg Tech regularly enjoys excellent success in the “U-Multirank” world university rankings: As the best-placed German university and the second best worldwide out of 1600 participating universities, in 2018, Nuremberg Tech was a frontrunner in “Co-publications with industrial partners”, among others. Nuremberg Tech also comes out head and shoulders above the majority of the participating elite universities, taking 6th place in the overall global rankings, based on a number of categories. Nuremberg Tech is therefore the only German university/institution that is ranked among the world’s top 10 in two categories.

In 2018, Nuremberg Tech achieved a top score of 1 in the following categories: “Art-related output”, “Co-publications with industrial partners”, “Private/industrial research funding”, “Publications cited in patents”, “Professional development”, “Regional engagement/regional research funding”, and “Strategic research partnerships in the region”.

Application-oriented study

As a university of applied sciences, Nuremberg Tech places a great deal of value on application-oriented teaching. Some of our professors are able to contribute many years of business experience in this regard. During their studies, students are able to apply scientific methods and creative ideas in practice.

A practical semester completed outside of the university forms an integral part of almost every degree programme. In addition, the comprehensive dual system options offer students the opportunity to combine their studies with intensive practical phases or even vocational training.

Inclusion of research and development

Nuremberg Institute of Technology is the most research-intensive university in Bavaria. Nuremberg Institute of Technology is home to some 150 well-equipped laboratories, which work in close collaboration with partners from the commercial and industrial sectors, as well as from professional associations, to carry out applied research. This also benefits the students, who are able to get involved with laboratory operations at an early stage of their studies.

The global “U-Multirank” ranking is testament to Nuremberg Tech’s ability to convert applied research into practical applications. Nuremberg Tech is ranked as the best German university for “Transfer of applied research to practical applications” and places third out of 1500 universities worldwide (2017 ranking).

Progress is driven by the research and development activities of the numerous institutes and competence centers at Nuremberg Tech.

International outlook

Students at Nuremberg Tech wishing to complete a stay abroad can choose from one of our more than 160 partner universities worldwide. Thanks to the free language courses provided by the Language Center and the comprehensive support and counseling offered by the International Office, not only will students be optimally prepared for a stay abroad, the benefits will also extend to their future careers. Nuremberg Institute of Technology hosts students from almost 100 countries. The international atmosphere that exists within the university is also enhanced by its joint international academic projects and a large number of visiting professors from Europe and beyond.

The university’s international outlook is also reflected in the content of many of its degree programmes and in its international degree programmes in particular, for example International Business.

A comprehensive range of services

Nuremberg Tech offers its students a broad range of qualified service offers and counseling services. Whether it be the Career Service, Student Counseling, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Business Development Office, counseling for inventors, or the University Service for Family, Equality, and Occupational Health (HSFG) – experts can be found throughout the university and they will be happy to advise you.

Intensive support

At Nuremberg Tech, the ratio of students to professors is relatively low. In addition, student tutors and small project groups and workshops ensure that students receive intensive specialist support during their studies. Lectures delivered to large numbers of students in huge lecture theatres are the exception rather than the rule at Nuremberg Tech.

Outstanding career opportunities

The career opportunities enjoyed by Nuremberg Tech graduates are outstanding. Intensive contact with future employers during the degree programme and a diverse range of seminars and counseling services offered by the Career Service on the subject of starting a career play a significant part in this.

Desirable location within Nuremberg

Almost all of Nuremberg Tech's locations are located within Nuremberg city center. The main campus is located close to the old town on the edge of the Wöhrder Wiese, a large green space alongside the Pegnitz river and the Wöhrder Lake.

Although Nuremberg is not a traditional student city, there are more than 20,000 students enrolled at university locations around the city. The fantastic array of culture on offer, the presence of innovative employers within the city and the wider region, and the comparatively low rental costs make Nuremberg an attractive place to study. (

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