Nuremberg Tech offers varied opportunities for cooperation with businesses

Commercial enterprises form one of Nuremberg Tech’s key partner categories. Long-term collaboration with mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises provides mutual gain. Application-based research and teaching in particular benefit from the university’s close contact with companies.

Degree programmes & teaching

Degree programmes and teaching at Nuremberg Tech are distinguished by the fact that degree programmes are geared towards regional professional profiles and competence fields. Dual system options and a compulsory practical semester are intended to provide our students with the ability to think from a business perspective and understand current issues. The rewards for our successful cooperation are favourable employment prospects for our graduates and highly qualified career-starters.

Applied research

Our institutes and Faculties work in research partnerships with the business community in many fields. These collaborative research partnerships enable the company to develop innovations, while the research institutions of Nuremberg Tech are given valuable incentives to conduct their application-orientated research.

If you are interested in a scientific collaboration, partnership, contract research or similar, our team in the Research Services office would be happy to advise you. Further information is available here.

Final theses & projects

Writing bachelor’s and master’s theses in the form of external final theses in collaboration with businesses, organizations, or authorities is established practice at Nuremberg Tech and is welcomed. To publish your topics for bachelor’s and master’s theses, we recommend using our Job listings site.

For specific projects that could be undertaken by students as a practical case study as part of coursework, we recommend that you contact the relevant Faculty.

A career as an adjunct lecturer or professor

Would you like to be employed as an adjunct lecturer or to pursue a career as a professor? Simply make an enquiry with our Faculties directly for advice.


Get involved in students’ education at an early stage, and offer high-quality practical placements, as well as providing excellent supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses. As a partner company within the scope of the dual system option, you will ensure contact with the best students and benefit from the close integration of academic education and practice. Take part in our recruiting events and have the opportunity to meet our students and graduates personally.

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