The O-MINT programme is aimed at prospective students who are interested in mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, or engineering and technology and cannot quite decide on one specific degree programme. Then the O-MINT programme is just right for you!

The O-MINT programme was designed to allow students to gain orientation in the university setting and to become familiar with individual subjects (=modules) from diverse STEM degree programmes. O-MINT student have an opportunity to find out which subject areas suit their strengths and interests best and which degree programme they would like to pursue. Modules that they successfully pass may be credited to their future degree programme.

Students who are not sure the programme they selected is really right for them or who are interested in different degree programmes in STEM fields and cannot decide.

Individuals who are interested in studying, who cannot or do not want to commit to a specific degree programme initially, are ideal O-MINT students. For such students, Nuremberg Tech offers an interdisciplinary approach, a so-called “Modulstudium”, in which subjects from multiple degree programmes in the STEM fields (in German, Mathematik-Informatik-Naturwissenschaften-Technik, MINT) are offered selectively.

At the end of a semester, students can sit exams and it is possible to have credits they earn counted towards their degree when they decide which programme they will pursue.

The O-MINT programme is designed to help students choose the right programme for themselves. Prospective students can try and become familiar with diverse subjects from the STEM degree programmes at Nuremberg Tech without being required to sit exams. This allows them to determine whether a STEM field suits them and, moreover, which degree programme is right for them. 

However, they do have the option to sit exams in the courses they select. Upon successful completion of a module, O-MINT students receive a certificate for the successfully completed modules and the ECTS credit points earned for them. These credits can then be potentially counted towards their degree.

general qualification for admission to higher education, a university of applied sciences entrance qualification , or a certificate recognized as equivalent , or a specific vocational qualification.

More information about the admission requirements

Students can attend selected courses (=modules) that are regularly offered in our STEM degree programmes; the courses open to O-MINT students are listed in the “Modulkatalog Orientierungsstudium MINT Wintersemester 2023/24” . (In German)

In principle, you can freely choose which subjects you would like to take as an O-MINT student, it is helpful to keep the following in mind as you make your selection:

  • Mathematics plays an important role in all degree programmes in the STEM fields.
  • Select subjects from multiple degree programmes , unless your goal is to try one specific programme.
  • It is sensible to take 1 or 2 subjects that include a laboratory or practical course (they are indicated by colour in the catalogue).

The O-MINT programme lasts one semester. Students can apply for a second O-MINT semester after the first is completed.

The aim of the programme is to find out which STEM degree programme is the right one for you. Following on the O-MINT semester (or semesters), students can apply for admission to a bachelor’s degree programme that best suits their strengths and interests.

Studierendenwerk (Student Services) fee . You will be informed about the payment modalities at the appropriate time.

StudyOhm application portal. In the portal, you will select the modules you wish to study from the course catalogue. To apply, you must upload documents in digital form, including a CV and your university entrance qualification (e.g. “Abiturzeugnis”).

The application deadlines for the O-MINT programme are:

  • For winter semester 2023/24: 2 May to 15 August 
  • For summer semester 2024: 15 November to 15 January

Our student assistant Laura Breun ( or Prof. Areti Papastavrou (areti.papastavrouatth-nuernbergPunktde)

For general questions about studying at Nuremberg Tech , please contact the Student Counseling Service.