The LEONARDO - Center for Creativity and Innovation is a collaboration between Nuremberg Tech, the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, and Nuremberg University of Music. As an interdisciplinary innovation center, LEONARDO works at the intersection of science and art, technology and society. Our goal is to support interdisciplinary cooperation between the three universities with external agents and to improve processes and structures for transfer-oriented projects.

Central to our work is the scholarly, methodical, and administrative support and supervision of interdisciplinary project participants, who are focused on questions of social, cultural, and technological challenges. In this effort, LEONARDO provides impetus to generating ideas and offers infrastructure and support for the development of valuable and unconventional innovation projects in which social responsibility, technical progress, the economy, ecology, and our fellow humans are foremost.

LEONARDO unites workshop rooms, presentation areas, and diverse studios over 1,000 square metres. In these spaces, instructors, students, and staff from the participating universities come together with members of cultural, economic, or community non-profit and social organizations in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and beyond.

LEONARDO – Center for Creativity and Innovation is financed by the Bund-Länder-Programm “Innovative Hochschule”.

More information about LEONARDO can be found on its german website:

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