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Students who are parents are welcome at Nuremberg Tech!

As a certified family-friendly university, we are pleased to welcome you. Nuremberg Tech provides numerous services to support students in managing the balance between studying and family. You can use our child care services, which include, for example, places for children of university members in the near-campus milliOHM Nursery, the babysitter service for young children, and holiday care programmes for children who are a little older. Besides these programmes, nursing and changing rooms as well as a parent-child study room are available on campus, if your child is visiting campus with you.

If you have financial concerns or need support because you don’t know how you will balance studying, family-needs, and perhaps even a job, please feel free to contact us. We can have a personal consultation about your concerns. The most important information is available for enrolled students on our Information platform on our intranet pages.

Please feel free to get in touch, if you have questions or need support.

What we offer for students who are parents

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Counseling and information

Parents, and parents-to-be, who are not sure how they will organize studying with one or more children, can get in touch with us for counseling and information. We will support you to balance studying and family-life. You can contact us via email or telephone or make an appointment to meet. Possible concerns or questions could be: I am pregnant/will be a father and am not sure how I can continue studying. What types of financial support can I request as a student with a child? What do I need to take care of in relation to a birth? What support does the university provide and what other types of support are there?

Enrolled students can find out more about these topics on the Information platform on our intranet pages. The platform provides useful information about these questions. For individual counseling, please contact the University Service for Family, Equality, and Occupational Health (HSFG).

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Babysitter service

We can connect you with qualified babysitters quickly and easily.
This service is available for all university members. Please email or call us if you would like to use this service.
If you are interested in being a babysitter, please get in touch with us.

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School holiday care

The school holiday care programme for the Easter school holidays will be organised around the topic: “Wie ist das eigentlich...?" and will take place on 3 - 6 April 2023. Click here for the Programme and the registration form.

Upcoming dates for our school holiday care programmes can be found on our poster :

•        Easter school holidays: 3 - 6 April 2023
•        Whitsun school holidays: 31 May - 2 June 2023
•        Summer school holidays: 31 July - 11 August 2023

The school holiday programme and the registration form is distributed four weeks before the respective holidays begin.
New: It is possible to pre-book places for school holiday care at any time during the year. Please send us an email at hsfg@th-nuernberg.de if you would like to pre-book a place.

Our school holiday care programmes support parents and children during the Bavarian school holidays (excepting the Christmas holidays). Our programmes, which are always organized around a specific theme, are suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years. Under certain circumstances, the city of Nuremberg can assume the costs for the school holiday care. Please ask us about this possibility.


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Homework supervision

Upon request, we will connect you with university students, who can support your children while they do their homework or with learning new material, alleviating some demand on you as a parent. You and the student can make your own agreement about the conditions of the support. Depending on what suits your needs, the homework supervision can take place at your home or via a video platform. Please note that homework supervision is not a form of private lessons.

If you need assistance for your child or children (or grandchildren), please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Family-friendly infrastructure

There are a few tips on how you can manage studying at Nuremberg Tech as a parent more easily:

Nuremberg Tech has various nursing and changing rooms and for parents who are studying, there is a parent-child study room. Besides this, children of students can eat for free at the Mensa.

More detailed information for enrolled students is available on the intranet .


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