Restriction of participation for students who are pregnant (due to the coronavirus) and exceptions

Students who are pregnant may participate in on-campus activities at the university in WiSe 22/23, if they wish to do so and provide written consent. Please contact us to discuss the requirements for participating in on-campus activities and the procedures in detail. Students who decide not to participate on campus are entitled to reasonable accommodations to avert or compensate for any disadvantages due to pregnancy.

New Regulations in the Maternity Protection Act 2018

Since 1 January 2018 all students who are pregnant or nursing are subject to the protections afforded by the Maternity Protection Act.

In order to make use of the advantages assured you by the Maternity Protection Act and to receive information about all relevant regulations, please inform the university of your pregnancy or nursing status.

The University Service for Family, Equality, and Occupational Health (HSFG) is the point of contact for the notice and all issues related to maternity protection for students.

According to §15 MuSchG, students should give notice of their pregnancy or that they’re nursing as soon as possible. Therefore, please contact us, if you are pregnant or nursing. Only if you give us notice, can you use all of the advantages the Maternity Protection Act and to learn what rights and options you have. We’re pleased to advise you about other questions about pregnancy and parenting and welcome your queries. Students who notify us of their pregnancy and later send us a copy of their child’s birth certificate receive a bib with the Nuremberg Tech logo as a welcome gift. Fathers who are studying at Nuremberg Tech and have received counseling from HSFG also receive a bib, if they send us a copy of their child’s birth certificate.

Please read the Information about the Maternity Protection Act pdf carefully. The original legal text of the Maternity Protection Act (“Mutterschutgesetz” - MuSchG) is also available online.

Please note that there are also forms available that you can use to waive certain areas of maternity protection:

To submit these forms, please contact the University Service for Family, Equality, and Occupational Health (HSFG).

The data protection statement for the counseling about the Maternity Protection Act is also online.



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