University members can book the following spaces using the anny booking system:

  • Group rooms
  • Carrels
  • Workspaces on the 3rd floor
  • Computer workspaces on the 1st and 2nd floors

All other reading spaces are freely accessible. External library users should please use these spaces.

Changes may occur during the exam period.

Work spaces on the 3rd floor can be booked for periods of 30 min. and up to 9 hours. Carrels can be booked for periods between 30 min. and 5 hours; group rooms for periods between 30 min. and 2 hours. Three bookings / day are allowed per person. Places can be booked up to 5 days in advance.

You can check in, at the earliest, 15 minutes before your reserved period and at the latest 15 minutes after it.

University members can reserve working spaces using anny.

  • using the QR code that you received in your confirmation email. You can scan the code using the PC designated for this purpose on the ground floor.
  • Or use the button for self check-in that you will receive via email shortly before your booked timeslot begins.