Data protection notice about the anny booking system


The appointment booking system is used to reserve and organize reading room places.


The following information is processed:

  • Family name, Given name
  • university email address
  • mobile phone number (optional)
  • Information about the resources booked

Legal regulations

Legal basis for the processing of personal information is Art. 4 (1) of the Bavarian Data Protection Act (BayDSG) in combination with Art. 6 (2-3), subpara. 1, letter e of the GDPR; the information processing supports the functioning of the university.

Internal and external recipients

Recipients of the information are the employees of the library who are responsible for the organization of the rooms in the library and the booking system’s operator, the company anny UG, registered in 58452 Witten. We have a closed a contract with this company in accord with Art. 28 GDPR.

If a case of data transfer through sub-contractors of anny UG in a third-party country (e.g. USA), the legal requirements according to Art. 44 GDPR will be maintained.


After 4 weeks, personal information will be deleted; statistical analyses are conducted using only anonymized data related to the bookings.

Reference to the general Data protection notice

The general Data protection notice of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm applies, see


Authentification via Shibboleth

Authentification occurs using the Shibboleth access of the university.