Wi-Fi for guests who do not have access to Eduroam

For guests at Nuremberg Tech who cannot use Eduroam, BayernWLAN is available for internet access almost everywhere on the campus.


Bavaria is to become the first federal state in Germany with its own Wi-Fi network. By 2020, some 20,000 BayernWLAN hotspots are to be available free of charge. At Nuremberg Tech, BayernWLAN has already been in use since December 2016.

To access BayernWLAN, select the SSID

  • @BayernWLAN
The following applies when using BayernWLAN:
  • The use of BayernWLAN is free, anonymous, and unlimited.
  • After 10 minutes of inactivity or when changing from your regular BayernWLAN hotspot, the session is terminated and counted again when it resumes.
  • Once every 24 hours, or once a day, it is necessary to confirm the terms and conditions again.