Eduroam – Wi-Fi

Eduroam for members of the Ohm

To use eduroam, you need to carry out a one-off configuration of the network settings of your device (laptop, smartphone, etc.).

For those in a hurry

Step-by-step instructions

English version of the manual

EduroamCAT Notes

Setup via EduroamCAT is currently only possible for Android smartphones .

For the configuration, you will need

Windows 10/11: network settings

If accessing eduroam doesn’t work the first time, check the network settings in Windows on your laptop manually and adjust them, if needed.

Eduroam for guests from other universities

Eduroam, the “Wi-Fi for travelling academics”, is a cross-university project. It means that guests from other universities participating in the eduroam project can access the Ohm’s Wi-Fi.

Accessing the network

Guests from other universities use the login they use at their home university to access the Wi-Fi.

FAQs zur Einrichtung von Eduroam

Which universities in Germany participate in Eduroam?

If you are at one of the universities listed here, you can access Wi-Fi and thus the internet via Eduroam. For your login details, use the user name and password that you received for the Windows MSAD domain.

Why does Eduroam not accept my user name?

Your Eduroam user name consists of

  • your user name for the university systems
  • the part of your email address after the @, i.e. “”


  • The employee Anton Beispiel:
  • The student Berta Beer:

When logging in, please make sure that there is no space within the user name or at the end of the user name.

It is not possible to use private email addresses to log in to Eduroam!

MacOS: What do I do if my Mac cannot connect to Eduroam?

Your MacBook may not be able to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi. In this case, it may help to delete old or incorrect Eduroam profiles and create a new one.

To do this, click

  • the Apple menu at the top left

Here, select

  • System Settings
  • Profiles
  • Delete old/incorrect profiles

Important: You will need admin rights for the MacBook..

Android: Can I add a certificate request to my Eduroam access via EduroamCAT?

Problem: Sie haben an Ihrem Android bereits einen Zugang zu Eduroam eingerichtet - zunächst ohne Zertifikatsabfrage. Jetzt wollen Sie diesen Zugang nachträglich per EduroamCAT durch ein Zertifikat absichern.

Lösung: Unter Umständen müssen Sie zunächst Ihr vorhandenes Eduroam-Profil löschen und dann per EduroamCAT neu anlegen.

Android: Can I install the certificate without setting up a screen lock?

To access the Eduroam Wi-Fi, you need to install a certificate on your smartphone.

It is only possible to install and use this certificate if you have set up a screen lock (PIN, pattern, or similar). On some Android devices, subsequently removing or changing the screen lock will delete all certificates from the device.

For this reason, you should check your Eduroam settings after changing your screen lock.

Android: Can I use EduroamCAT to configure Eduroam on the Amazon Fire tablet?

Am Amazon Fire Tablet ist es zur Zeit noch nicht möglich, EduroamCAT für die einfache Eduroam-Konfiguration zu verwenden.

iOS: What can I do if I encounter any problems when setting up the connection?

iOS devices sometimes have problems accessing Eduroam and display error messages like “incorrect password” – despite entering the correct details.

In this case, it may help to reset the network settings. There are two options for doing this.

Option 1: Ignore network

You can try to delete and recreate the Eduroam configuration. To do this, open

  • Settings
  • WLAN

Here, select the “i” next to

  • Eduroam
  • Ignore network

Option 2: Reset network settings

Please note: In this case, all previously used Wi-Fi networks and passwords, mobile network settings, and VPN/APN settings will be reset.


  • Settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Network settings

Linux: How do I use Eduroam with Ubuntu?

Login details for the Ohm’s eduroam Wi-Fi

A list of the login details required for setup can be found on the university intranet:

Linux: How do I use Eduroam with Suse Linux?

Login details for the Ohm’s eduroam Wi-Fi

A list of the login details required for setup can be found on the university intranet: