Nuremberg Tech is led by the University Management, which is responsible for ensuring the control and development of the university.

The University Management comprises the President, Prof. Niels Oberbeck, the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Professional Development, Research and Innovation, and Internationalization, as well as the Chancellor, Andrea Gerlach-Newman.

The University Management develops the strategy related to higher education policy, defines the guidelines, and sets the objectives on the basis of that strategy and those guidelines, together with the Extended Executive Board.

The President and the Chancellor are full-time members of the University Management. The Vice Presidents perform their duties on a part-time basis.

The President shared a video greeting for members of the university as the lecture period came to its end and the examination period began.

Prof. Oberbeck reflected on the past semester, explained the current conditions for the examinations, and provided a view to the coming winter semester.




Dear university members,

As my video greeting from 17 July 2020 is only available in German, I would like to summarize my message here in English. I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude for the efforts put forth by all faculty and staff to shift to an online semester, providing quality curriculum, but also the patience and commitment from all members in the face of technical reorganization.

This past semester has been full of extraordinary questions and challenges and in some ways it is ending with questions as well. In these times, we are all learning to live, work, and study under such uncertain conditions. We will continue to make every effort to keep you informed of answers about our campus and our university as they become available.


As much as possible, exams were adapted to online options, which required addressing many regulatory challenges. Many colleagues at the university worked together with student representation to find solutions to these challenges.
Nonetheless, many examinations will need to take place in-person. This presented another significant challenge for all involved: meeting the requirements of the current health regulations to implement such events required close coordination between the deans, Facilities Management, and students.

Adjusting the APO

Besides the regular exam anxiety, health safety must be as assured as possible for all people associated with the examinations. Should anything unforeseen happen as exams proceed that might interrupt or disrupt the process, the adjustments that have been made to the APO will ensure that no negative effects to your progress in your studies result this semester.

One thing that remains the same, or is even more anticipated after this unusual semester, is that the end of the exam period will mean the beginning of a a few weeks without online lectures or exams: I hope you are able to use the time well and wish you a nice semester break!


The coming winter semester

After this restful period, we anticipate beginning the semester’s lectures on schedule on 1 October, with the exception of first-semester students starting in degree programmes that have restricted admission. For such degree programmes, the Ministry has set a starting date for lectures on 2 November 2020. I have discussed this with the Faculties and the Student Office and based on those conversations, I have requested on behalf of the TH Nürnberg that these students may begin with their lectures on 12 October 2020 instead of in November. We look forward to welcoming the new students to Nuremberg Tech and introducing them to university.

Online or in-person?

We do not yet know what regulations will be in effect in the fall or how community transmission will develop. Therefore, I ask that you, dear students and faculty, orient and yourselves to a winter semester 2020/21 with online lectures.

At the moment, the measures in place to manage the spread of the virus are being relaxed and we hope this trend continues. With that in mind, we plan to provide in-person lectures to the greatest extent possible. However, what that extent will be remains impossible to predict; therefore, we must all be prepared for a completely online semester.

It is clear, moreover, that our priority will be on providing access to and experience on campus to the new students, who have yet to gain first experiences in a university environment. Faculty and degree programme-specific models are being developed to best meet the needs of these students in their first semester.

In the meantime, we first have to complete the exam process and enjoy a break. I would like to thank you again for all of the creativity, flexibility, and work that went into  this past semester and wish you all the best for success through the exam period.

I look forward to greeting you in the winter semester, hopefully healthy and energized after the break!


Prof. Niels Oberbeck