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The OHM Lectureship programme for visiting lecturers funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

Under the OHM Lectureship programme, funding can be provided to enable international lecturers to be invited to the university for a short period of time to deliver guest lectures. 


Purpose of the funding:

This initiative, which is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry, has been in place at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm since 2013 and has proven extremely successful. The aim is to increase the range of English-language courses offered at the university, thereby promoting internationality in our courses. The presence of guest lecturers should not only serve to initiate new partnerships with international universities, but also to strengthen existing partnerships and to encourage students to spend a period of time abroad. It is desirable that the events provide lasting support for the internationalisation measures established by the university. 


Who can receive funding? 

Funding can be provided for lecturers from (partner) institutions for stays of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 30 teaching hours (teaching hours are 45 minutes long), particularly those from outside of Europe. International academics from strategically important European (partner) universities will also be considered.

A member of the Ohm must establish contact with the guest lecturer and request and supervise the guest lecture. The dean of the Faculty or head of the unit must approve the request. 

Please also take note of the following advice concerning “technology transfer” and the risks that may be encountered when working with academics from other countries.
Technology transfer information


What does the funding cover? 

The funds provided by the Bavarian State Ministry are split into a fee for the lecture and flat rate amounts to cover accommodation and travel expenses incurred by the guest lecturer.  

The Faculty and guest lecturer are free to decide upon the nature of the event, but the lecture must be delivered in English

A presentation about the guest lecturer’s university should be an integral part of the guest lecturer's stay.

Please note the current call. The International Office can also send you this information upon request.


Deadlines for application:

For the winter semester: 15 July
For the summer semester: 15 January


Application forms: 

Application for funding

Approval by the dean

Please send both documents to the International Office via email or in-house mail.
Further information concerning the framework conditions can be obtained from the International Office. 


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