User rules for the library

Pursuant to Section 27 of the General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian State Libraries (ABOB) of 18 August 1993 (Official Gazette 1993, p. 635 et seq.), Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences issues the following user rules.

1. Access authorisation

Use of the library’s facilities is open to any interested parties during normal opening hours.

2. User ID

A user ID is required in order to borrow books; this ID is issued upon request.
This applies indefinitely to professors, other employees, students, guest lecturers, visiting students (including those taking part-time courses) for the duration of their affiliation with the university.
For lecturers, user IDs last for 1 year; for non-members of the university living in the Nuremberg area, the term is 6 months. Extensions are permitted.

3. Lending

A maximum of 20 books can be loaned out to one person.
Professors can set up reserve collections with a maximum of 50 books. The reserve collections can be made available to other library users where required.

4. Loan periods

In principle, permanent loans are not permitted (Section 16(4) ABOB).
In general, the loan period for members of the university is 22 working days; this can be extended twice by 22 working days in each case, subject to cancellation.
For reserve collections, an extended loan period of 880 working days applies, with the option of extending. Books from reserve collections are only loaned out to other library users for 10 working days; no extension is possible.
A standard loan period of 5 working days applies to non-members of the university, provided that there are no other options to borrow books in the city area. Extensions can only be granted once.
Loan period extensions can be cancelled in cases where the book is reserved by another user. An extension cannot be granted for books that have been reserved.
Journals are only loaned out on a short-term basis for photocopies to be made. In consultation with the library management, exceptions can be made for university employees.
The library is able to make different arrangements.

5. Returning books

Loaned books are to be automatically returned no later than on the date on which the loan period expires (Section 18(1) ABOB). An extension to the loan period must be requested in a timely manner or can be carried out in person at the terminal.
In cases where loaned books are not returned on time, these are recalled subject to a charge, along with notification that the loan period has expired (Section 18(3) ABOB). Lecturers and other university staff are currently exempt from paying this charge.
Books that are not returned in spite of two requests to this effect being made and an appropriate waiting period are replaced at the user’s personal expense.

6. Special locations

Books that are located in laboratories but are paid for using library funds are marked as "non-circulating" in the library’s lending system and are categorically labelled as "difficult to access". Where books from laboratories are still loaned out to interested parties by way of exception to this, this takes place as photocopies from reserve collections as a short-term loan via the library.
Books purchased using Faculty resources that are to be listed in the book directory for budgetary reasons and recorded in the library catalogue are also dealt with in this way.
In consultation with the library management, reserve shelves can be set up, for which loans are not possible.

7. Transitional arrangement

Unless the lending is automated, the loan period is generally 4 weeks, with the options of extending this period twice; for books from reserve collections, this period is 2 semesters.
Before user IDs are issued, students can use their student ID for the current semester alongside a valid photo ID; lecturers and other employees can provide proof of their name in the telephone directory; guest lecturers/visiting students, etc. will need a certificate from the Faculty.

8. Entering into force

This arrangement shall enter into force on the day following its announcement.
Issued on the basis of the decision of the senate of Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences of 25 April 1995.

Nuremberg, 31 May 1995

signed by Professor Frieder Zander, Rector

This arrangement was announced to university members on 31 May 1995 by way of a notice on the official publication boards and in the university’s library. The date of publication is therefore 31 May 1995