KI Building
Central IT in the KI Building

Central IT on site

Central IT is located in the KI Building at the Keßlerplatz location.

Self-service portal

In the self-service portal, you can find assistance for using the Central IT services and submit or track requests to Central IT. Read more ...

Link to the self-service portal

Please note that you will need to use the VPN to access the self-service portal from outside the university network (e.g., via Wi-Fi or off campus).<br/>

Further information

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk for personal user consultation is located on the ground floor of the KI Building in KI.003.

IT support

The IT Service Desk supports you in using the IT services. Read more ...

PC labs

Central IT offers several PC labs with more than 170 PC workstations. All PCs are equipped with the standard office products, programming languages, and various special software. Read more ...

Maintenance days

Central IT carries out a maintenance day once every quarter. <br/>It is not possible to use the university’s IT services for the whole of this day. Central IT’s PC labs will also be closed. Read more ...