General elective and required elective subjects (AWF/AWPF)

Under “Prerequisites”, the details of the course state the semester when you can take the course and whether it can be taken as a required elective (for credit) within your degree programme or as simply as an elective.



Registration deadlines for the summer semester 2021

Registration period

Monday, 8 March 2021 (9 am) to Sunday, 14 March 2021 (23:59)


You can only register online in VirtuOhm. If you have any difficulties, please send an email to or telephone 5880-4848 .

After you have registered

Once registration is complete, you can use the menu to generate and print out a confirmation slip. The system will send a confirmation of registration directly to your university email address.

Unless otherwise stated, lectures will begin in the  week of 22 to 28 March 2019.

Further information

The general subjects are listed above, categorized  in subject groups.

Under “Prerequisites”, the details state the semester when you can take the course. Furthermore, some subjects can be taken as general required electives (AWPF) within your degree programme, whilst others can only be taken as electives (facultative, optional subjects). In this regard, please also note the stipulations in the study and examination regulations and/or in the degree programme overview or module handbook of your degree programme. If a subject is to be recognized as a general required elective as part of your degree programme, please make sure that when registering for it, it is recorded as a required course (by selecting the subject in the “Pflicht” (required) column).

Courses are generally assigned two (ECTS) credits. Since the winter semester 2017/18, general required elective subjects (AWPFs) carrying three credits have also been offered, especially within the B-BI, B-BIO, M-MB, and M-AMP degree programmes. You can recognize those subjects as the course title includes the designation “3 LP” (3 credits). Please note, however, that not all of the general subjects worth 3 credits  are recognized as general required elective subjects, even in the degree programmes listed above. On the other hand, if the same subject is not available as an elective with only two credits, subjects with three credits may also be taken by students from other degree programmes.

Details of the language courses currently available, together with further information about how to register for them, can be found on the homepage of the “Language Center”. The Language Center also offers courses in intercultural communication.

We are pleased to announce the following subjects being offered for the first time in the summer semester 2021 that have not yet been announced:


Other changes:

As well as taking part in courses from our own list of elective and required elective subjects, we would also like to make you aware of the courses offered by the “Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern” (vhb). These too are available to registered students of Nuremberg Tech, free of charge.

More details of the courses currently available and information about how to register can be found on the homepage of the “Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern”.

Please check in advance with the relevant examination board whether a course offered by the vhb will be recognized as a required elective within your degree programme.