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Nuremberg Tech is developing its catalogue of courses offered in English. As of winter semester 2022/23 Nuremberg Tech is providing a selection of electives offered in English that is open to all students at the university. This selection is continually being developed and is in addition to the courses offered in English that are a part of our international degree programmes and the courses offered by our Language Center.

The courses included in this catalogue are open for all exchange students regardless of the degree programme you are enrolled in at our university. Some courses in the catalogue have pre-requisites that will influence whether it is suitable for you individually.

As the courses are interdisciplinary and open to all types of students, you will gain experience in a truly diverse environment and develop your academic knowledge by attending them. 

To register for the courses, go to VirtuOhm.You will receive more information about registering for courses during the orientation programme at the beginning of your exchange semester.

Course Catalogue for Exchange Students

Our course catalogue for summer semester 2023 is available under the preceding link.

Please note that this is not the final version and changes may still be made to the catalogue.

Last updated on: 28 Feb 2023

Also note: As an exchange student in summer semester 2023 you also have the opportunity to take part in our OHM International Summer School an earn 5 ECTS credits. You will find information about the OHM-ISS on the website.

Course catalogue for winter semester 2022/23

Also note: In upcoming semesters, a similar selection of electives will be offered in English. However, please note that not all courses listed will be offered every semester.


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