International students

Welcome to the Ohm

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Preparing and applying

Achieving the perfect start to your studies in Germany requires some planning. You can find more information about our degree programmes under the links below. the essential information you will need to prepare, both in terms of language and organisation, for your studies in Germany as well as a helpful step-by-step overview of your application to the Ohm > more

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Potential students with a refugee background

In Germany, there are several options for further professional development. If you have already studied or completed your “Abitur” in your home country, studying at the Ohm may be an interesting option for you. Learn more about admission requirements and our programmes for prospective students with a refugee background here > more

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Succeeding at university

For international students, there are lot of additional important matters associated with studying in Germany, for example accommodation, health insurance, student funding, residence permits, etc. You can find helpful information on these issues here > more

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Photo: WavebreakMedia/ Fotolia

Offerings and services for international students

You can find an overview of our specific services for international students, including language and subject-specific courses, workshops, our international cultural and leisure programme, and much more here > more