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This website lists useful information for planning your stay in Nuremberg.

Information about our university and the city of Nuremberg is below.

We have also collected a few useful tips related to arrival, accommodations, and insurance.

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The Ohm

The Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm – short, the Ohm – is a university of applied sciences (UAS). It is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany with approximately 13,000 students.

At the Ohm we are researching important issues affecting society and developing and realising ideas for the world we live in today and for tomorrow. The university is well networked and collaborates with regional and international companies and partners. Through this network, the university has a strong impact in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and beyond.

Modern instructional and learning formats are a part of the Ohm-DNA. Our students work on social and economic challenges and are educated to become competent and open-minded individuals using diverse instructional and learning formats. Our broad and practically oriented academic programmes open up outstanding professional prospects for Ohm graduates. Across a broad spectrum of disciplines, the Ohm offers accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programmes that are flanked by certificate programmes, part-time programmes for professionals, and cooperative education models.

As a university, the Ohm influences and shapes our community; it is a place of opportunity for teaching, researching, and lifelong learning.

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The City of Nuremberg

Nuremberg is in the north of the state of Bavaria; in the middle of Europe. That makes it an ideal starting point to discover Europe.

The city has a long and interesting history. At the same time it is also very modern.

Around half a million people live in Nuremberg around half of whom have origins in another country.

In this video you can learn more about the city!

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Nuremberg’s transportation system is excellent. The city has an airport, but it is also well connected to all other airports in Germany and is also easy to reach via bus or train.

An overview of all travel options including schedules and prices can be searched for on this website.

Our local public transport system is well developed. You can reach your lodging and our campus quickly from the main railway station, airport, or the central bus station. All information about local public transport is available on the website of the VGN (Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg).

Information about our university campus and directions is available on our website.

Accommodation costs are not included in the participation fee for the OHM International Summer School. You must make your own accommodation arrangements.

In Nuremberg, there are many options for lodging in hotels, hostels, or from private providers. Prices vary greatly. In any case, you should budget around 500 euros for lodging. We recommend you look for and book lodgings directly after the application phase, as Nuremberg is a popular destination in the summer and inexpensive accommodations are often booked out quickly.

We can recommend some accommodations in Nuremberg and the surrounding area. We have blocked some rooms at some of these providers under special conditions for Ohm International Summer School participants. After you are admitted to a course and have confirmed your place, you will receive more information about accommodations.


Adequate insurance coverage is required to participate in the Ohm International Summer School. Your regular insurance may not provide for adequate coverage if you travel abroad; therefore you may need to have additional travel insurance. Please be sure to secure a suitable health insurance policy so you can enjoy your time with us without worry.