Internationalisation at home

There are many opportunities to have international experiences at the Ohm. The International Office organises many events for all university members each semester to facilitate meetups, intercultural exchange, and international networking.

Students also have the opportunity to engage as an Ohm buddy or to gain the NiKo certificate (a certificate of international competence).

Interested? Read more about our programmes.

Mi casa es tu casa

Mi casa es tu casa

The “Mi casa es tu casa - Zu Gast bei Freunden” project offers international students at the Ohm the opportunity to get to know staff at the university and their families.The Ohm’s International Office connects international students with Ohm staff at the beginning of the semester. At various events, the families and students get to know each other, make arrangements for more meetings, and exchange ideas. Many families invite students to go on excursions in the region, join them to cook a meal together, or visit cultural events, for example.

Information for host families

International students should also feel welcome during their time in Nuremberg and return to their home countries with a positive and friendly impression of Germany. So students can have an opportunity to have a closer look into life and culture in Germany besides their studies at the Ohm, the International Office welcomes contact from interested members of staff, who are interested in intercultural exchange with students.

Aims of the project

Our aim with the project is to enable better integration for the students and to give university staff members an opportunity for intercultural exchange. Communication should not be an obstacle, as students speak English well and often can speak basic German.

The process

After the initial phase, all participants will receive the contact information of their matched partners and can correspond directly with each other. The matches have complete flexibility in planning their meetings – an evening cooking together, an excursion in Franconia, a stroll through the city center... There is no obligatory schedule or timeframe – you can meet once a week, once a month, or even just once or twice a semester–however it suits your schedule.  

Information for students

You’re new in Nuremberg and at the university? You’re interested in learning more about the people and culture here? To gain some insight into “typical German” life? If you are interested in intercultural exchange and are open-minded, sign up with us and become a part of our project - we look forward to hearing from you!

The offer is designed primarily for exchange students and international students in their first semesters at the Ohm, but we welcome all applicants and will facilitate connections wherever possible.


You can register anytime, but matching takes place at the beginning of the semesters.

Registration for students

Registration form for staff and faculty



If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact Stefanie Ueberberg.

Language tandem

Interested in learning a foreign language or in improving your skills in a foreign language? Looking for interactive and dynamic exchange?  If so, the Language Tandem programme is just what you are looking for! Language Tandem means that, usually, two people with different native languages work together to improve their language skills.

How does Language Tandem work?

When you register, you state your native language and other languages that you are learning and would like to improve. The International Office will then search its database for a student who is a native speaker of that language. 

By getting together and doing activities together, you will soon pick up valuable skills in a foreign language, while at the same time getting to know new people and cultures within our university. You can decide how you want to arrange your meetings and what you want to learn and do together.


Then register now using our online form.
Registration deadline for winter semester 2024/25: to be announced
We look forward to your participation!

Language tandem event

Nothing is like personal exchange! Once each semester, we hold our popular language tandem event! You can get to know each other with diverse games and exchange formats in a relaxed atmosphere.

The next Language Tandem event is currently planned for late October.
Use the online form to register for the event. The location and date for the event will be announced after the registration deadline. 

How we make use of your registration details

All information is provided of your own free will. If you want us to delete your personal information from the Language Tandem database at any time, please let us know via email at sprachtandematth-nuernbergPunktde. The information you provide will only be used by staff at the Ohm to match you with a language partner and will not be divulged to third parties. For matching purposes, only your name and university email will be passed on to your selected tandem partners, as a suggestion. Other data will not be passed on and can be shared with your tandem partner once you have got in touch with him/her in person and at your own discretion.


Any questions? If so, please send us an email at sprachtandematth-nuernbergPunktde

Country evenings

The International Office hosts one or two country evenings each semester. These events are planned by international students at the Ohm. They present their home countries by sharing regional culinary specialties, entertainment, music, and information.

International students who would like to organise a country evening about their home country can please contact the International Office with their ideas: 

Email Incomingsatth-nuernbergPunktde

Photo competition

Once each semester, the International Office organises a photo competition and invites all international students at the Ohm to participate. Show us and other students what you’re experiencing in Germany and what is special about your host country with your photos. More information about the photo competition is available online.

Current cultural and leisure programme

Event schedule in summer semester 2024

The International Office’s cultural and leisure programme is for all international and German students and staff at the Ohm. Creating opportunities for intercultural exchange is one of our aims. At our events, you will have many ways to network, learn about new countries and languages, or to simply meet up and talk.

  • Excursion to Dresden and Saxon Switzerland 
    An offer for international students
    Saturday and Sunday, 20-21 April 2024
    Costs: 60 €
    Registration deadline: 21 March 2024
    More information about the programme and registration will be provided mid-March by email.
  • Language tandem
    We provide a matching service for language tandems for students at the university who want to develop their language skills though conversation with a native speaker of the target language.
    Registration deadline: 7 April 2024
    Detailed information about the programme and registration is available on this webpage, under the “Language tandem” tab.
  • International country evening
    An event planned by international students at the Ohm with presentations about their countries, entertainment, and music
    Thursday, 16 May 2024
    Room KA.440
    More information about the programme will be sent by email.
  • Photo competition
    An offer for international students
    Show us and other students what you’re experiencing in Germany during your semester abroad and what is special about your host country with your photos.
    Submission deadline: 31 May 2024
    More information is available online.

International engagement

Ohm Buddy Programme

As an Ohm student, you have the opportunity to support the community as a buddy for international students and/or at international events. More information about the Buddy programme.

“Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo):

Have you spent a semester abroad (study or internship), volunteered in the international sphere during your studies, attended extra-curricular language courses, or boosted your intercultural skills by attending training or country seminars?

The Ohm will reward your additional commitment with the “Certificate of International Competence” (NIKo), which you will receive free of charge. More information about the Certificate of International Competence (NIKo).

Impressions from recent events

  • Mi Casa es tu Casa programme, excursion to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in December 2023/ Photo: S. Ueberberg
  • Korea country evening in May 2023/ Photo: O. Strobel
  • Excursion to Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle in May 2023/ Photo: E. Neufeld
  • Excursion to Regensburg and Walhalla in November 2023/ Photo: O. Strobel
  • Excursion to Saxon Switzerland, April 2024/ Foto S. Ueberberg
  • Excursion to Dresden, April 2024